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  1. brainstemd

    Neck Surgery

    Dwight, Now that's funny. Your sense of humor is intact. They say a good attitude speeds recovery.
  2. brainstemd

    Help! My son hates his crf70

    Lots of good suggestions. With someone who is timid I start them off with simply coasting, engine off. You can push them or if there is a small incline have them coast down. Continue with them coasting but have them experiment using the brakes. This gets them used to the feel and location of the brakes and takes away the fear that they can't stop easily. When they're comfortable with that, start the motor, keep the bike in neutral and coast them around again. Keep this up while they use the throttle, revving the motor as they coast. Again, this gets them used to the sound of the motor and how to operate the throttle. Only when they are comfortable with all of this, put it in gear and have them ride. Do not just turn them loose. Instruct them to ride 20 feet and stop. Think up other simple drills. Have them do very easy drills that build their confidence. The drills give them specific instructions to follow, making them feel more in control. They may not end up riding under throttle their first time out - don't rush it. There is a lot to learn that we take for granted.
  3. brainstemd

    Neck Surgery

    I'm sure you'll feel like a new person. We don't want anything getting in the way of your keyboard typing (or bike riding). Good luck!
  4. brainstemd

    Old timers..Remember him?

    Riding a dirt bike is the fountain of youth.
  5. brainstemd

    parents and riding

    I would bet your mother is feeling isolated. Are you an only child? It sounds like you and your father have a great relationship that excludes your mother. Do you spend as much time with your mother as your father? Do you relate to your mother as strongly as you do to your father? If not, your mom may be feeling like she is on the outside of the family circle and she is only trying to be on the inside. Cut her some slack, be kind and welcome her comments and questions. IMHO.....
  6. brainstemd

    what is whiskey throttle??

    So which is it - when you have arm pump so bad you can't shut off or you simply panic and hit the gas? I've never had the panic/gas-it attack, but I did have arm pump so bad during a moto practice on a rough course that I could not shut off after landing from a jump. No crash, I got it under control but ended up sitting out that race day.
  7. brainstemd

    MXC Pride

    Of course you will have to adjust the chain but you will not have to change the number of links. I went up two in the back and had to flip the adjustment blocks around but that's it.
  8. brainstemd

    Considering a previously raced 450 MXC

    If its got a rekluse you're golden.
  9. brainstemd

    Considering a previously raced 450 MXC

    I agree with Stinson. If the MXC has been an enduro machine it is unlikely the motor has been on the rev limiter very often. The 450 is a torquey machine and a good rider will short shift, ride smoothly and not tax that motor much. Can he provide you with an hour estimate? I have 100 hours on mine with 0 problems and expect to get 100 more. On a separate note, the MXC has a rather tall first gear. I am now geared at 13/52 and find it works pretty well even in knarly, slow single track as long as your willing to slip the clutch at times. The only time I wish I had a lower first gear is for the unexpected log or ledge where you want to loft the front end from a low speed. Otherwise, I like the close ratio tranny; it lets the bike pull well at all speeds and rpms.
  10. brainstemd

    ? Alternative's to the Leatt brace?

    With regard to the 3 " gap. The brace has a vertical adjustment of around an inch. Instructions are to raise both front and rear portions of the collar to minimize the gap yet allow freedom of movement. I would say I have no more than 1" gap with no restricted motion. The brace is designed to limit range of motion of the neck and couple the impact forces through the helmet, into the collar, then further to distribute it onto the surfaces of the chest and back. The brace basically absorbs energy by fracturing, then distributes the remaining energy into the upper torso through extensions at the front and back. These extensions distribute the load over a decent size surface area in an attempt to reduce the lbs/square inch. It seems a reasonable solution given the size, weight, range of motion and soft tissue constraints the designers had to work with to make it an acceptable prophylactic for the motorcycle rider.
  11. brainstemd

    riding over logs

    Thanks, Those videos, particularly the slo-mo really bring it together.
  12. wardo, I just received my brace and was wondering the same thing; so thanks for the info. I do remember a photo in the owner's manual along with a description that says to install exactly as you have with the thoracic extension under the body armor. My only question is if the extension will rub the skin raw on long rides. Let us know how it works.
  13. brainstemd

    Neck rolls

    Go with the EVS RC3.
  14. brainstemd

    MXC Pride

    '03 MXC Dick's APS suspension, GPR V2 stabilizer, HT header, torque vane and intake stuffer, JD jetting, Honda accelerator pump diaphragm, Hard Parts radiator guards, slave cylinder protection and plastic skid, Fastway hand guards, '04 kill/starter button setup, 13:52 gearing. Love the close ratio, would still like a little lower first. Thinking about going 1st-3rd EXC tranny ratios with 4-6 the close ratio.