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  1. racin4ds

    valvoline 2t oil in 03 rm250?

    Just make sure the ATF is type "F" fluid, the Dex/Merc is way to thin and has friction modifiers that can cause clutch slip
  2. racin4ds

    99 rm250 won't hit powerband in 1st/2nd gear

    Start by tearing the power valve apart and cleaning it thoroughly, get a manual and make not of anything missing or worn out. Doesn't make much sense why it would work in higher gears but I'm betting you'll find the problem once you tear into it
  3. racin4ds

    RMX250 Clutch grabbing problem

    Also on the note that yours won't even idle in gear, I'd try a different, thinner and more slick oil in the bottom end. That may help your issue some
  4. racin4ds

    RMX250 Clutch grabbing problem

    My 97 RM250 does the same, although mine will idle in gear without stalling. However you cannot push it or start it in gear with the clutch in and I've went through all the same routines as you. My basket was pretty notched so I'm just writing it off that I need to completely replace the basket along with new plates and friction discs and I'm pretty confident that will correct it.
  5. racin4ds

    Crank Seal Replacement Methods

    I'm betting money that lisle tool doesn't work ANYWHERE near that easy on a seal that was actually pressed/glued in! No way, no how!
  6. Thanks kawamaha. That's good to know.
  7. racin4ds

    97 rm 125 questions

    Bad crank seals will absolutely cause high idle problems! One side will suck air and the other will suck oil. If the carb leaks fuel with the valve on then you need to check and/or replace the float level and inlet needle.
  8. Motor is new from top to bottom, I started methodically from the pilot to the needle and then to the main. I've got it jetted nearly perfect now I believe but it just seems waaay leaner than it should be! I'm at a 38 pilot, Custom DDJ needle from CPW and a 165 main. The bike runs strong with no bogs or any issues at all!
  9. racin4ds

    Havoline coolant? Or best coolant?

    Simple answer to your simple question, yes basically any automotive antifreeze will work just fine in your bike, the Havoline is good. Don't buy into the hype of needing a specific type of coolant because you have a MX bike. Mix it at 50/50 or 70/30 depending on how cold your area gets and be done with it!
  10. racin4ds

    1998 rm125 info please

    Read up on the $30 spark plug that was required in the late 90's 125's due to the cylinder harmonics/shockwaves issue causing the electrodes to break off and destroy your top end. There have been many that use the standard BR8ES plug but its not recommended.
  11. Same plug Micah just heat range is diff.
  12. Actually lindsey97- Suzuki corrected the problem and the later bikes (I think 02-up) used the regular cheap plug
  13. racin4ds

    Crackling when on the pilot

    Anyone know if you can replace the needle jet on a pwk38? I suspect mines wore out
  14. racin4ds

    Lets see The Rm's

    Its void of all stickers now, it was like that when I bought it from a 19 yr old kid...
  15. 717 Motorsports- you need to read up a little more on your Suzukis then bud because they specifically called for the NGK R6918B-7 plug (not the EG series plugs as you've stated) in the late 90's 125's and 250's due to some issue with shockwaves within the cylinder that would occur and cause the standard ground strap to break off. This was told to me by my dealer as well as can be found in many places on the web. The EG series plug is just a fine wire type and was called for in the later year bikes but it still had a standard welded ground electrode. Google the NGK R6918B-7 and you'll see what its all about and why it is suggested. So for reiterate, suzuki doesn't reccommend the EG series plugs for these bikes, the EG plugs are decent plugs and only about $6-7 at the local dealer. The NGK R6918B-7 is $28-33 each and very hard to find. I'd suggest you do some google-ing man before attempting to dispel any more myths.