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  1. brewster

    MXDN Racer TV

    The races will be on tv Sunday, CBS Sports Network, starting at 10:00AM West Coast Time. Each race is a separate program so set your recorders accordingly. Ride on Brewster
  2. brewster

    RMATV seems to be charging Sales Tax in CA Now !

    WOW, I've finally made it! A term coined after me. Ride on Brewster
  3. brewster

    LETS help out the CRA and get invovled

    I didn't see any details on the reason for the audit. What happened? Ride on Brewster CORVA
  4. brewster

    RMATV seems to be charging Sales Tax in CA Now !

    According to the chart half way down the page, California has the highest STATE sales tax. It's the other local sales taxes that are added to this that will rank California several steps lower. What tax rate were you CA. guys charged? https://taxfoundation.org/state-and-local-sales-tax-rates-2018/ Ride on Brewster
  5. brewster

    RMATV seems to be charging Sales Tax in CA Now !

    Did you order it as an individual or business for resale? Ride on Brewster
  6. brewster

    SB 1316, Carnegie bill

    No need to wait 2 months, Carnegie SVRA still has 3 lawsuits in action. SB 1316 was just a procedural move to make it easier and cheaper to sell the expansion property. Ride on Brewster CORVA
  7. brewster

    SB 1316, Carnegie bill

    SB 1316 was just heard for the final vote in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. The vote was to "HOLD IN COMMITTEE"!!! That means that it's not going anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HooRay! Thanks to all that contacted their reps to oppose this bill. Ride on Brewster CORVA
  8. brewster

    CA emmision regulation changes

    Those other states don't actually have the same waiver as CA. They are allowed to follow CA's regulations. 42 U.S.C 7543. State standards (B) Any State other than California which has plan provisions approved under part D of subchapter I of this chapter may adopt and enforce, after notice to the Administrator, for any period, standards relating to control of emissions from nonroad vehicles or engines (other than those referred to in subparagraph (A) or (B) of paragraph (1)) and take such other actions as are referred to in subparagraph (A) of this paragraph respecting such vehicles or engines if— (i) such standards and implementation and enforcement are identical, for the period concerned, to the California standards authorized by the Administrator under subparagraph (A), and (ii) California and such State adopt such standards at least 2 years before commencement of the period for which the standards take effect. Ride on Brewster CORVA
  9. brewster

    Fire near Cow Mt.

    Speaking of the Carr fire, looks like it's burning in the Chappie-Shasta OHV area. At least the fire crews have maintained trails and roads to use. https://www.blm.gov/sites/blm.gov/files/documents/files/media-center-public-room-california-chappie-shasta-off-highway-vehicle-area-map_0.pdf Ride on Brewster
  10. brewster

    california Fire near Cow Mt.

    Looking at the maps, it appears that one of the N. Cal. fires is in or near South Cow Mt. OHV area. Can any of the locals confirm? Lakeport is under mandatory evacuation. Ride on Brewster
  11. We have CARB conducting workshops to possibly tighten the OHV emission standards. CA has a waiver from the federal EPA allowing CA to set emission standard tighter than federal regulations. But the federal EPA and NHTSA are looking into possibly revoking those waivers. The idea started a few months ago and is back in the news. http://thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/398372-trump-admin-to-propose-blocking-californias-clean-car-standards Ride on Brewster CORVA
  12. brewster

    Klx 250 not charging stator or rectifier?

    Do you have the ohmmeter on the 1K range?? Ride on Brewster
  13. brewster

    Pinche Cabrones stealing Carnegie expansion

    You're correct. The General Plans and Final EIR for the future of the Carnegie SVRA have gone through the process and approved by the OHMVR Commission in 2016. But, some folks just won't quit in their fight to shut down motorized recreation on public lands. There are more planning steps to be taken before actual work can start on the expansion lands. Ride on Brewster CORVA
  14. brewster

    Pinche Cabrones stealing Carnegie expansion

    The state legislature is on their summer break until Aug. 6th so direct calls and letters to their district offices. Ride on Brewster CORVA
  15. brewster

    klx300 Auto Decompression

    Message sent Ride on Brewster Photo 001 is stock ACR timing. Photo 002 is "Easy Kick" timing.