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  1. Bill_P

    Plan for the best. Prepare for the worst

    WTH??? I've ridden dirt bikes for 40+ years over the most gnarly terrain imaginable, and I've never needed a "Tuggy" strap. What is this crap?
  2. I know that picture is fake jeff - cause there's GREEN in it. You're holding out..... There's nowhere to ride ANYwhere in AZ.
  3. I'm curious if you ride the goat trails I used to ride over there Jeff. There are some pretty gnarly ones bridging the two valleys. Took several years to find em, link em, and develop the loop. At that point, it looked like no more than 20 riders a year went down / up them. But yeah, stoddard itself..... Sucks. From the looks of that one video, Big Bob would probably like it.
  4. Stoddard is home to Purgatory. I would not call that place "boring". If you ride the outskirts and know where to look, there are epic trails.
  5. This is all you guys got? I thought the dude was world famous.... Urban legend I guess....
  6. BBob - you are not allowed to post your own stories. You already do that all over the CA forum. This is for your riding compatriots who have witnessed you first hand. I like Riddlers first hand report!!!
  7. I love to see you cuddling there and eating popcorn with your wife Jeff!! Let the games begin.
  8. Bonus credit for actual pics. Double bonus credit for concise evidentiary videos.
  9. Somebody had to do it - and the sooner the better. There have been hints elsewhere, but y'all are being pretty tight lipped. God only knows.....Bobby's got plenty of his own stories, but I want the other perspective. The REAL story..... Sorry, I got nothin', cause I've never ridden a bike in NorCal or SoCal or anywhere BB has been, but I know some of you have! Spill the beans. Bob will understand.... Hell, he'll probably cite this very thread as evidence that he is indeed the owner of the CA forum. Please, print only the truth, never laced with hyperbole or outright lies. ( unless no one can prove you are lying.... )
  10. Bill_P

    suggestions for a new TT display name

    I'll thank you big bob! Thanks for a candid and immersive view into the mind of a narcissistic fool. It's not every day I get to learn so much. Cheers!
  11. Bill_P

    suggestions for a new TT display name

  12. Bill_P

    suggestions for a new TT display name

    Oh yeah....well I own both you guys - although Norcal is close. I was here first, and after careful consideration upon weighing the alternatives, I put BBoob in charge of calling himself "skipper" to keep his constant yammering to a minimum. Consider what it would be like around here if he thought he WASN'T the skipper, world important, and a bad azz.... Geez... Post count is kinda like **** size. The more posts you got, the smaller your johnson is.
  13. Bill_P

    Humboldt county

    I produced an album for a band out of Eureka almost 30 years ago, and even back then, the guys (who were all successful business owners around town) told me that without pot and the income it generated, all of Humbolt county would have dried up and disappeared - the churches, the hotels, the restaurants, the malls, everything. No pot - no money - no infrastructure or town. Just the way it was. So....good or bad.....turds or not.....pot has kept that nor cal area alive for decades.
  14. You sound bitter jeff....