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  1. Jonala

    KTM 400 XC-W 2009

    The easiest bike to ride I have ever had.
  2. Jonala

    KTM 400 XC-W (2009)


    The easiest bike to ride I have ever had.
  3. Jonala

    Braising an Oil cooler ?

    I've used an aluminum solder / brazing rod that I bought from a local hardware store. I don't have the package. Bernzomatic makes a solder/ Brazing rod, but haven't tried it. I repaired the filler neck on a KTM radiator. No problem with the radiator, while I had it. Not sure which has a higher pressure your cooler or a radiator. The tough part to make sure the internal surfaces of your cooler are clean.
  4. Jonala

    Motorcycle Chock for Trailer

    I've used what is called a bike shoe. It clamps the front wheel. It works really well. You can find them on CL for $40. I still use straps to hold the bike from swaying.
  5. Jonala

    BST 40 question

    I'm working on my friend's 06'DR 650. I've taken the carb apart to clean it. When I took the slide unit out the needle was not pointing straight down. It is angled. There is a step at the bottom of slide bore. If I line up the E ring correctly, the needle points straight down. I don't have a manual, but looking at the parts diagrams there is suppose to be a plastic spacer under the E ring. Is the purpose of the plastic spacer to keep the E ring from wedging the needle because it is not aligned correctly? I took the carb apart because the bike will not keep running after it starts. The bike hasn't been started in 2 months. I did find some goo in the pilot jet. Before I put the carb back in the bike, I'd like to get the needle set properly.
  6. Jonala

    XR250 Suspension Set-up

    No, because you still have to set up the forks and shock for your weight and riding style.
  7. Jonala

    XR250 Suspension Set-up

    It cost me $600 for both forks and shock 8 years ago.
  8. Jonala

    Hotcam & valve longevity

    The Stage 1 Hotcam in in my 277 for over a 100 hours. No valve problems.
  9. Jonala


    I have a used Edelbrock that came off my XR250, that I would like to sell for $100. Includes cables and throttle. I gave up on it due to the float valve would stick closed when I didn't start it for a month or more.
  10. Jonala

    XR-250-R 277 or 280 Carb?

    On my DRZ with a Keihin pumper I made a stop collar. I put the collar on the actuating shaft and placed the collar so that the shaft would stroke less.
  11. Jonala

    Carb advice?

    I'm running a Mikuni VM 32 on a XR 250. It has a two stroke type Nozzle jet, which is the only major jetting difference between 2 and 4 stroke carbs. I must of hit the jetting really close. My bike runs and starts better than it ever did with the stocker or with an Edelbrock. You need to measure the inside diameter of your carb. It maybe to big for the 400. Or it is poorly jetted. You can do a search here and find what is the best size for a 400.
  12. Jonala

    2002 XR250r - How do I get the carb out?

    The procedure that I use is: Remove the tank, and seat. Then remove the top rear frame mounting bolt. Loosen the two bolts that the subframe connects to the frame (above the swingarm bolt). Loosen the hose clamps on the carb, tilt the subframe back and pull out from the left side. You will have to twist and tilt the carb to get it past the frame tube. It is tricky the first time. Good luck.
  13. Jonala

    Depressed, about to give up!!

    Does the engine even pop or sound like it wants to start? If not loosen the float bowl drain screw. Fuel should flow out of the overflow tube. No fuel you may have a stuck float valve. You may need to clean the carb jets. As mentioned before check for spark. You could have a stuck kill switch. When I go to start my bike, I kick through until the engine hits the compression stroke. Then I pull in the decompression lever. Push the kickstart lever down a small amount. Release the decompression lever. Let the kickstart lever come back up. Then kick hard. As you have found out the biggest evil these bikes possess is hard starting.
  14. Jonala

    Brake discs...

    I have a Gold Fren rotor on the bike now. So far it has been fine. Made in CZ. They are on Ebay for $50.
  15. Jonala

    XR-250-R 277 or 280 Carb?

    Yes, I had to buy a XR400 air boot. Using a XR400 boot the carb have a 1/4" gap and a 7 degree angle difference between the two. This leaves you with either making a manifold angle plate or a custom air boot. Not sure which would of been easier.