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  1. I will post some pics. It did turn out really nice.
  2. Titanman

    Cleaning plastics and engine case

    Yeah its a expensive machine but I use it in my side buisness as well. Does a wonderful job and actually polishes the aluminum cases as it cleans. If you ever have any parts you want blasted let me know.
  3. Titanman

    Cleaning plastics and engine case

    This is how I do it works on plastic, rubber, steel and aluminum. Its called Vapor Honing
  4. Yes this is baked on at 250* for 2 hrs. The plastic chain guard was at 150* for 1 hour. This stuff holds up well on exhaust headers so it should be great on these cases.
  5. This is the same Cerakote used on firearms. Expensive as it is it better be permanent.
  6. No problem! I appreciate the compliments
  7. The GH build will be a 6MM stroker with his piston kit and the ProX rod. Im also building a 4mm stroker with the Athena piston and the crank was done by Crank Works in Tempe using a Wossner rod and was balanced. The CW setup will be done first. I will be using the 2.5 Web cam on both builds. Its gonna take me some time to get it done but I will keep yall posted.
  8. Not done with them yet...;). Send me some of your old cases/covers and I can do you up a set.
  9. Getting ready to finally start my stroker builds and getting my parts all cleaned up and coated. I got everything Vapor blasted and coated last night in the shop. Everything turned out great and the coating looks factory. I used the MC 5100 alunimum clear for the cases to keep those stain free from this Louisiana mud. If anyone needs some parts blasted or cerakoted shoot me a pm. The GH stroker kit arrived today and the piston looks amazing.
  10. Titanman

    Stroker kits

    What im using on my stroker builds also.
  11. This is why I have Chris Schumann hooking me up with some 1.5 mm intake valves. Also waiting on green human for availability through him as well. I’m following your instructions as I type.
  12. Frank sent me straight to his source at Engine Dynamics for the large valve 230 head. Mike at ED wanted $850 to do the job with a 34mm Intake and a 28mm exhaust valve. Told him I didnt want to fool with the exhaust and it ended up being $426 for valve/spring kit and machining with me doing the assembly. I believe I will hold off on that one for now.
  13. This is what Web told me on my 2.5 TM cam. .340 lift intake. .320 lift exhaust duration at .050. 220 intake / 234 exhaust
  14. What was the price tag?
  15. Titanman

    Interesting Info about Powroll

    Terry is still in the south east working the hurricane relief is what I’m told. My source did get in touch with him and he was told to call me but TM chose not to. He definitely knows what he has done to many of us so with business practices like that it’s no wonder the building was sold out from under him. It’s a shame that there are still parts in the building and missing as well. We can all hope he shows up the next week or so and returns those parts to the rightful owners but I wouldn’t hold your breath.