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  1. Ok well I ended up finding dirt and grit in the part where the cable and the lever are connected. I cleaned it all out and replaced the levers with shorty's so it is much Easyer thanks also put some lube on the cables that helped too. Thanks for the help
  2. Oh ok well I have to do constant rebuilds so I'm assuming it's a stroker 112. It's already home through a top end I was at the track last night so it was awesome but it does cost a lot of money so I don't think it's a big bore. Also I use race gas only. I have to wait on parts now so that's a downside to it and it cost a lot for them too. Is there a cheaper place or site that has cheaper top ends and other parts for 112's?
  3. Alright well good luck hope u get it done
  4. You are right it was bought from a friend but I'm not sure but I don't think it is a kit it's a jms 112 motor Can somone tell me what the differences between them?
  5. Maybe take it into a mechanic or someone els who more experienced with this stuff
  6. Also my uncle re jetted the bike screwed the the head and the ignition so we got it all taken care of the bike runs perfect
  7. Hey thanks for the help I saved up enough to buy the 112 it came in today me and my uncle put it in the bike and I fu*king love it!!! It's like my uncles 125 but smaller. Anyway my uncle says he can help me with all the machine work for it and getting the parts.(we live my a guy who has a 112 as weall and he told us a person he gets his parts for it so I got it all figured out. Once again thanks for the help. Sorry for being an ass. By I'm going to haul ass!!
  8. I had the same think happen to me with my yz but it was the cylinder. It was scored but if yours ain't then make sure your head gasket is sealed, u might be loosing compression. Also the most probable reason for the fouling plugs is your fuel is a little rich but a new piston is better to run rich. But ya sorry u can't figure it out. Maybey it's your carb? Just go over a check list of the bike like Air filter, gear box oil, clutch pads, compression test, clean carb, check gear box and crank ect. Hope This helps I whent through it and it sucks when a bike won't run properly for ya:(
  9. Maybey try different fuel ratio? Or inspect the cylinder and the motor for anything unusual. It could be your reeds they might be cracked or broken. If it's none of these let me know
  10. Well if my forum sucks then here's what I really want to know. Is reviews on it from owners or people who are familiar with it or if they would recommend a different motor than a 112
  11. Well the forum ask's about the engine if anyone has it or recommends a better one without getting a 125. Yes u can say I'm an ass all u want but I pay for the bike it was 4000 new I worked my ass off for 3 years for it my family will help me pay for fuel and the motor upgrade so it's not like they Bought much of it but I do appreciate what they help with. Also the people I'm annoyed with are the people that tell me to get a different bike or Somthing like that. (that's not what the forum asks)
  12. He doesn't know much about the motor his machanic has all the info on it and he isn't around so...
  13. I really don't give a shit what u like or what u think is a good or bad investment. They're far from a (pit bike) there not unreliable pieces of shit like the chines bikes!
  14. Well I just wanted to see what people had to say about the motor or other motors.
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