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  1. The Tundra is max rated for 10,400 lbs (capacity varies with different Tundra models) under the new J2807 SAE standard that all manufactures have to comply with in 2013. Toyota was the first to comply (2 years early), I'm not sure about the F-150 or the others. And they do have a lag... I have a buddy that got to test drive that new truck in Michigan, along with the new 6.2L. He said it was pretty lazy from idle to about 2000 rpms... after 2000 rpms, the power really hit hard.
  2. My little Mazda is only 2WD (its my gas saving daily driver). Here is a pic I took of it pulling the boat from the barn. I could smell the clutch when I backed it back in. This truck pulls it waaaay better... Now I only used the Mazda to remove the boat from the barn so I could change the oil in the boat. I would never try to pull the boat with it on a public road. Any truck will pull anything, but that doesn't mean it will stop the load. On some of the performance boating sites, I've read about insurance companies not paying claims from an accident when the vehicle was over-loaded. That could get ugly very quickly... especially if you killed someone.
  3. Ok... what's wrong with the tranny gearing? Toyota uses ratio's very similiar to the GM and Dodge, and even with the 4.30 gear (that noone else uses), they still get comparable gas mileage with the other 1/2 tons. So tell me ole wise one, what's wrong with the gearing that the engineers decided to use? (cause I'm sure your smarter than the engineers at yota).
  4. That stupid gearing is pretty close to the GM & Mopar transmissions. Looks like Ford is trying to get a little more grunt in low gear with that 4.17... maybe its to help with the turbo lag?
  5. Its not a huge load... I was just saying how nice that 4.30 gear is towing up a grade from a dead stop. Still talking about a Tundra? They aren't rated for that much.... get a 3/4 ton. Its funny you say that... I have a 4 cyl Mazda B2500 (ford ranger) that will not pull my boat. I tried pulling it out of the barn once, it didn't turn out so great for the Mazda.
  6. A fanboy huh?... I've been called worse by better, I'm sure. :lol:
  7. Yes... and you back it up with all these facts....
  8. No, his point isn't valid. You can't even compare the performance differences with a 77 model and a 2011. 2011 1/2 tons make more horsepower than ever before, more usable torque, come with gears that drag racers use in the 1/8th mile, pull more weight, and have all the comforts of a luxury car. Since you can't compare the performance differences, you sure as hell can't compare the fuel economy differences either. Sorry, you just can't buy a truck that will pull 11,000 lbs ......and get 30 mpg. Your point isn't valid either. Which semi is gas powered?
  9. A 77 model... awesome! A leaky carb?... even better!! I think your the one with the POS.
  10. 642MX

    Pilot jet question

    Care to explain how turning a fuel screw out a few turns for testing purposes should not be done? I never told anybody to ride it like that... w.t.f, I take a 8 month break from this site... log back on and 2 hours later I remember the exact reasons I left.
  11. Yep... all the 4x4 Tundra's have the 4:30. And it really shines on a boat ramp with a 5000lb boat behind you.
  12. Yeah... I'm happy with it. I bought it to pull my f***in boat, it does that well. I have a Lexus IS250 that I can drive if I'm concerned about mileage. Words of a complete idiot. You just talked to a guy who loves his.