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  1. Rebuilt crank with pro x rod,bearing pin, and hot rods crank bearings, pressed bearings into case and put the crank in the freezer and the case in the oven at 250 for 15 minutes. Slid right in and tightened up. Then I put the cases back together and everything went in smooth until when we snugged the case bolts and the crank is tight not rediculasly tight just enough to cause concern. Input would be helpfull
  2. Just getting ready to finish up my winter rebuild and I'm ordering a piston slandered 12:1 ratio for a 06kx450f and the website says there out of stock. How long is it gonna take to restock? I'm having the cylinder deglazed. With fresh bottom end, how should I go about break in procedure. First big thumper
  3. I recently replaced top end gasket, base gasket,valve stem seals,and water pump seals, and I put the head back together and put the stem seal over the valve and pulled it back over the valve keeper slot and I think I ruined them, why question is do you think my oil controls ring went bad or the stem seals are damaged because of that. Is this statement correct in the picture? And this is how the smoke is every time you snap the throttle past half. It also throws a flame out every once in a while. Carbs jetted for the pie etc.
  4. when I smacked a tree going about 35 and I was stuck in the woods for a hour and I called my buddy's to come save me lol
  5. I have a 06 kx450f on initial start up the bike would pop found a black cloud of smoke and then dissipate after warmed up I tore it down replaced The valve stem seals head gasket base gasket and water pump seals after I put the bike back together and put it in time the bike puffs Out huge amounts of smoke now. I read an article on the Internet how if you take the valve stem seals back off past the keeper ring it &%$#@!s them up, or is it my oil control ring? It has great compression and starts every first kick no choke, valves are all in speck but the one intake valves is a little on the right side it's .035 when the outa speck is 0.30. Thanks.
  6. As you can see the intake valves are black and the exhaust valves are a brownish tint. so are the brownish one stainless because of the color? First time in the engine and I wanna get a list going on what I need to check up on
  7. it looked scratched but it doesn't even catchy my finger nail, and the coating on the skirt is worn off down there, and there absoluty no play up and down in the big or small end or the rod, and the cylinder has a few wear marks but nothin that catching the fingernail at all its like a mirror image. And I don't have a extra 300$ for Weisco piston lol. But other than the way the engine looks it runs flawless,starts up 1-2 kicks let idle on choke for 20 seconds,turn it off and it will idle all day and as soon as you crack he throttle it's there.
  8. Torque wrench "ft-lbs,in-lbs" in 3/8 Metric 5-20mm 1/4 5/8 spark plug socket 8in 3/8and1/4 extension Flat head/Philips head Huge good quality adjustable wrench Metric Allen-keys External and internal snap ring pliers That's all I have to use on my kx450f I tore whole engine down with like 4 tools
  9. Idk when the last time it was changed but I at least put 25 hours on it sense I got it back in august. On the bottoms of the piston it is marked "ART 1".
  10. Hello guys! I saw a new product I never heard of before called EnzoRacing subtank system, I read all about it but I want actual facts from the consumers! So,I'm 154lbs and ride a 06kx450 I have the rear suspension dial in perfect it feels and reacts nice, but the front suspension is a different story it's very stubborn. I have the compression backed 3 clicks out and the rebound 3 out, still feels very hard and ruggid unless I'm hitting a jump, I want it wear it's smooth BUT when I do hit a jump it's not gonna bottom out.. And I don't wanna spend 2 grand on suspension"not made of that kind of dough
  11. I ran the vin number wasn't stolen etc, but if somebody shows up my grandpa will be going out with a fight lol, how do I go about getting a mother title? I don't mind if I had to pay -The brave may not live forever,but the cautious never live at all.-
  12. buying the same color scheme plastics for Christmas -The brave may not live forever,but the cautious never live at all.-
  13. nope, I bought it for 2gs and it came with no title only a bill of sale-The brave may not live forever,but the cautious never live at all.-
  14. I ran it 3/4 throttle while doing a wheelie came down it idled for about 2 seconds and I killed it, and backing the screw out more fuel? I never owed a 4stroke-The brave may not live forever,but the cautious never live at all.-
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