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  1. dan_Rekito

    yzf426 vs crf450

    do a search on this subject
  2. dan_Rekito

    You know your riding sucks when

    I didn't challange you. I said we should get together and ride. By the way your email isn't listed.
  3. dan_Rekito

    Did my Top End at 70 hours

    Good to hear the piston skirt had barely any wear.
  4. dan_Rekito

    16 hours NO I don't need a piston

    Steve J. There's a reason I'm ignoring you,[mod edit]!! What's your email????? It's not listed. [ May 28, 2002: Message edited by: Chris in the Mojave ]
  5. dan_Rekito

    Subframe Bolt Ripping Boot

    Racebolts .com They may have titanium as well.
  6. dan_Rekito

    16 hours NO I don't need a piston

    update 21 hours, Half track time half trail /joy ride. Still running strong , bike feels great! I'm using Mobil 1 15w50 on the engine side.
  7. dan_Rekito

    16 hours NO I don't need a piston

    The whole point of this post is that I don't need a piston. I haven't taken it apart I don't need to! It's not broken or worn out.
  8. dan_Rekito

    CRF450 r? Trail version?

    Go to http://www.bajadesigns.com Easy conversion kit.under 400 dollars? [ May 09, 2002: Message edited by: dan Rekito ]
  9. dan_Rekito

    Need your opinion on the 450

    I had a YZ426 2001. I didn't like how it would occassionally stall when doing a hard brake slide into a tight corner. The lightness would def. be a plus in the woods. Go with the CRF you won't be dissapointed.
  10. Two maybe three years , Honda will have an even better one then . Love this bike!!!!!!!!!
  11. 16 hours first five hours were break in time. All other time has been play ride and track time, what an awsome bike Rest at ease everyone no need for a piston. I'm thinking MAYBE around 60 hours?? How many hours do you guys have????
  12. dan_Rekito

    drain plug

    Just a repost , anyone seen one yet or made one???
  13. Keep the 450 It's just as fast as the two stroke . Much easier to ride, and it won't tire you out as quickly. If you want a more two stroke feel, CHANGE YOUR SPROCKETS, for more snap.
  14. dan_Rekito


    There's been a couple posts about cracked exhaust headers causing a backfire check it out.