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  1. ThumperMx365

    masters mx budds creek, anyone going?

    I race the series. My 3rd year. It is alot of fun. I race Vet 30+B. 2010 Kx270F #40 in a white F-150 From the bridge you speak of.. Thats about 1hr and 15 from me in PG MD and Budds is another 50 min from me. So best guess. 2hr 15 min. + or - 15.
  2. ThumperMx365

    Snake Creek

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NOW thats just funny. I don't care who you are....
  3. ThumperMx365

    Going South for a week or so

    I am going to chrystal coast sat and sunday
  4. ThumperMx365

    Riding this weekend, 1/15-16

    Chrystal Coast has been updating there site all the time. I already reserved the cabin for the weekend. Called to confirm what i was reading on the site. Its gonna be a good weekend. http://www.crystalcoastmx.com/
  5. ThumperMx365

    Riding this weekend, 1/15-16

    Already got the trip planed. A friend and I are going to Chrystal Coast Mx. Leaving fri and coming back sunday..Its in Maysville NC
  6. ThumperMx365

    eatonmx video

    Nothing wrong with it.. just the hrs were getting up there and it was time for a fresh ride. went back to a 250f w/bbk totatly pimped out!!! 20+ mods already. pics are in garage
  7. ThumperMx365

    eatonmx video

    Lets go!!!!!!!!!! I am game whenever you are. I am off most every weekend. I went this past fri to break the new ride in and it was good. Only myself and 2 other riders and the track was prepped as if it was 100 riders
  8. ThumperMx365

    EASTON MX now in Easton, Md.

    Not wrist. that was 2005. It was my Neck and Collar bone. 1 ti plate, 6 screws and 2 pins holding it back together now. But it now matchs my wrist with plates and screws. Trying to ride for 1st time since the break this weekend.
  9. ThumperMx365

    EASTON MX now in Easton, Md.

    Yeah every time you see a "Easton" Thread you have You Know WHO posting in it. My thoughts were 1. He is trying to get his post count above his age (which he is not acting with the last 3 to 4 remarks) OR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was thought he was getting a Free ride pass for every post he had. But knowing the Good Ol boys at Easton as I do I know its not the latter. But never the less it is entertainig. My fav was to Shaun "IF i SEE YOU AT THE TRACK IT IS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST TO STAY AWAY FROM ME" WOW!!!!! Had me LMFAO!!!!
  10. ThumperMx365

    New Yosh Exhaust Showoff Plus A Question

    I had a Yosh Slip-on. Worked great on my 07. I wanted a little more power so I went a got a WB Carbon Pro system. I just got a FMF 4.1 system and I hope I dont have the same problem you do. If anyone is looking for a Yosh Slip-on or a full system I have both I could sell. Priced Cheep to sell. Low hrs
  11. ThumperMx365

    RMZ 450 2007 Service Manual

    I have a 2007 RMZ 450 Service manual I will sell for $5 plus shipping
  12. ThumperMx365

    big bore 269 top end

    I just bought a Leftover 2010 Kx250F and have a Cylinder Wks 269 kit along with a FMF 4.1 system(megabomb header) on order and should be arriving thursday. I will be running VP 4.4 in it so when I do get it together my jetting with the JD jet kit will be my biggest hurdle. Deff keep posted what I find out with pro and cons of it. I am stoked to get it all together with my suspension also being sent off and the 20mm RG3 clamps I got coming in for it.
  13. ThumperMx365

    Easton Mx Pictures at half way point

    Said to be done in a 1 week or so. That is what Stella had got done in 1 week of wk. That is the "Bike" ONLY track. After that is complete they will begin working on the "Quad" Only track and the Beg and Pee-wee tracks. All the races have been cancled for this year. No Dist 7 race on Aug 22 or MAMA races the rest of this year.
  14. Broke my Collarbone June 11th. Was told to let it heal on its own. It would take 10 to 12 weeks.. That didnt wk for me. With being a former Marine and now a Police Officer I am wayy to active to sit around and wait that amount of time. So I found a surgen that did the sugery.. Very very happy with it so far and its been 2 weeks post Op. Have 80%-85% ROM. No Pain just some discomfort. He put in 2 screws horzintal. While still under the knife he didnt think that was gonna do the job alone so he also added a plate with 6 more screws. Waiting to go back to get a copy of the new x-rays that show all the hardware.