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  1. Crfbill119

    ? Ride whoops in the Jersey Pine Barrens

    I ride in the tight trails like this in NJ,, Im not the fastest rider by far, I try to go just fast enough to keep the front wheel light feeling, and let the back wheel eat in the whoops ,, Practice and seat time are the key,,, and have fun,,
  2. Crfbill119

    Most of my riding is do.....

    the family that rides together stays together//// Awesome
  3. Crfbill119

    KTM 250 XC-W 2010

    Awesome bike, riding single track bike has great low end and with a touch of the clutch it gets on the pipe and singing.
  4. Crfbill119

    Name this spooge?

    Looks like a little filter oil and some moisture from washing bike,,, im not a expert just a guess.... (and why winterize keep riding)
  5. Just over 50(not old) about 7 years ago i blew up (scalfoid) in wrist they took bone from hip and replaced it.. 4 years ago damn tree jumped out in front of me, broke arm 1 inch below said wrist.. and 2 ribs just to make it fun. Now i ride a little slower but i ride as much as i can, single track.. i dont mind at all being at the back of my group,,, JUST KEEP RIDING!!!!!!!!!
  6. Crfbill119

    New spot to ride

    you got that rite,,, surely do NOT want the wrong people messing up a good thing
  7. I have a few places i ride, but always looking for new trails, willing to share and compare,,,, #jerseydevilland
  8. Crfbill119

    Big Bore 550 MXC issues??

    My Buddy had one of them, He had it for a long time with very few small issues, just make sure you work out ALOT a big twist of the throttle will streach your arms properly,,
  9. Crfbill119

    2006 XC-W white plastics help

    If your just going to keep it white,, wrap the plastics you have in white vinyl,,