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  1. Agree with Evan D. Without the proper valving in both the rear shock and the forks, new springs will be of little help. Honestly, so little of a change you will regret having spent the money. I have a complete Race Tech package on mine--new shock and new spring and valving in the forks--and it is a completely different bike. Expensive, yes, but worth it.
  2. One, because it’s a Honda. Two, because I didn’t want the maintenance that comes with those you mentioned. Three, because I had a blast tearing the bike apart and putting it back together with all the mods. Four, it sits more than I ride it but because it is a Honda, it’s ready to go when I am.
  3. I like the new 450L. This is what we all were trying to make ours to be when they first came out. Big bore kits, wheels, suspension, exhaust, fuel tuner, etc. I spent an additional $3500 on my 250L over purchase price, but I don't have a big bore kit or upgraded wheels. Those two things alone would have added at least another $1500, then I would have a $10k 250L. So now we are able to buy a 450L, which appears to be ready to go without mods, for about the same as the 250L all modded out. AND LESS WEIGHT! Seems like a good deal to me. I for one can't wait for more info and for them to hit the showrooms.
  4. Friends TW200 vapor locks. We remove the gas cap and fuel flows. Thinking a vented gas cap will solve the problem. Anyone know of a replacement, vented cap for the TW?
  5. Walk into the dealer with $100 bills for the total you're willing to pay and lay them out on a salesperson's desk and make an offer. If YOU are happy with the price then YOU got a good deal.
  6. On Rick Ramsey's site he weighed the IMS and compared to stock weight savings was almost one pound.
  7. I ordered straight from Race Tech (twice--two separate 250Ls); since both times I sent my forks to them to do the work, I wanted to have a direct connection to them. This was more important to me. First time I took the forks to a "pack and ship," second time I packed them in a rifle case. Both times forks and shock arrived in pristine condition. RT is an expert at what it does, no question about it. Totally transformed my bikes.
  8. Don't put a used, stretched chain on new sprockets. You will wear those sprockets out quicker than you can blink.
  9. Trust what Kompact said, and what most others on this forum would also tell you, myself included, and be patient, pile up your "mod money" and get the header, slip on, and EJK all at the same time. They all work hand in hand and doing just one will give disappointing results. While saving up for the mods, read through this forum about the mods everyone has done, read Rick Ramsey's excellent web site at www.rickramsey.net, and make a list for yourself to work towards. Make sure you also read about the Ducky Dog custom header. You'll find posts only on this forum. Best header for our bike.
  10. #1 on comment by Evan D. My entire setup is also from 12 o'clock labs and it works flawlessly. Same with many others on this forum over the years. Call 12 o'clock and tell them your issues and they will help you figure it out.
  11. I have the XCMHs front and rear. I ride about 15 miles of pavement to get to dirt. SW Florida has mostly sand, and our mud is also sandy. They work really well here. I have about 750 miles on them and the rear is about done, front still useful. I've read other posts by people who ride rocky terrain and trials tires seem to work well for them. Have a look into those--might work best for you.
  12. As for tires, Pirelli Scorpion XCMH are great for front, also great for rear but wear quickly. Others have suggested Kendra Trackmaster II, which they say perform as well as XCMH but cost is much less. I have the XCMHs f&r and am happy with them, but at 800 miles rear is almost gone. I have the TM II waiting to be mounted to test on my own. Look at crfsonly.com and they have a Moose Skid/Flatlands rad guard package that is a great deal. Plastic dip the rad guard black b/f you put it on. You'll be set in that area. If you decide on exhaust, go with Ducky Dog custom header and FMF Q4. Ducky is a member here--pm him for details. Search forum and you will see his custom header beats the FMF header for torque, which is what most are looking for. Have fun, be safe, and ride on!
  13. I can't speak to the stores, as I bought mine directly from Race Tech. In short, unless you race in A class or pro division, save the money and don't buy the shock with the reservoir. I have two 250Ls--one is in NC that my nephew rides and that shock has the reservoir, and the other bike is here in FL which I ride that does not have the reservoir. My nephew had messed with the reservoir some, but he says unless you take it all the way up or down, he can't tell a difference. And then he can only tell a slight difference. Something a pro would appreciate, but for our use, it is not needed. I am very happy with my shock which is not adjustable. Race Tech set it for my weight and style of riding, and I feel it is spot on. The bike no longer bounces, or pogos; it absorbs large rocks and small trees I might ride over so I remain in control, and it generally, with the forks rebuilt by Race Tech as well, is a completely different handling bike off road. You will be amazed at the total upgrade of the suspension. In my opinion, it is money well spent.
  14. +1 for Highway Dirt Bike--HDB--handguards. I've never been down hard, my crashes are low speed lay downs in soft sand, but guards and bars remain intact.
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