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  1. I pulled my carb of my bike and am going to attempt my first rebuild, but i don't know what chemical to use to dip the carb in to clean it. what do the shops use
  2. does the kill switch run to ground, so when it is at the off part of the switch the unit is grounded and when it is on run it breaks the circuit. mine is actually a toggle switch on or off, but i just need to figure out how the kill switch works, it is just a 1975 cb360 engine in a dune buggy.
  3. I have a cb360 engine. Water got in the oil and tomorrow i am going to change it and clean the filters. I want to make sure i get all the bad oil so should I use a solvent like brake cleaner and spray it all down after it drains, also should i remove the covers on both sides or should the crank side where the filters are suffice.
  4. JUST PICKED UP A DUINE BUGGY WITH A SEIZED engine working on getting it up and running
  5. it tests .001, if i hook a 6 volt source to the black/white stripe wire would that supply power to the appropriate parts to see if it will spark or turn over
  6. my kill switch has a black/white stripe in and green coming out the other side. the green is attached to the bracket that attaches to the coil ac6v, is that correct, that way my bike is wired that would be supplying power to the coil bracket which is bolted to the frame, so power to the frame, i am thinking maybe that the coil needs to be isolated with some rubber bushings and that bracket possible supplies power to thew coil
  7. so i have a black/white stripe splits and goes up to the kill switch, the other side.goes to a connector that the points, the condenser, and the coil be, and this wire all connect to, it is metal so all the parts are getting juice at the same time. super confused, i read another thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/841701-73-xl175-need-wiring-help-and-some-final-answers-please/ where they talk about 2 wires off the coil, but mine just has the one, a second wire (green) attaches to where the coil bolts up to the frame and leads back to the kill switch, it is quite thick, i am wondering if that is the possible a power wire
  8. okay so i lied i just found some cut off wires coming from the stator, yellow, green/red stripe, white, black/white stripe, i am not sure but i read somewhere to check the stator you just use the continuity setting on the ohm meter but i cant find the article anybody know how
  9. It is an xl, I have looked into it and they came without lights and gauges, no sniped wires, 4 wires come of the magneto/stator
  10. how can i hook up a battery to the system if it never cam with one
  11. The points ae opening and closing. I just got the bike 2 days ago, but I was told it used to run but it has been sitting for a while. It doesn't have any gauges wiring or even the bracketed for the battery etc. so I know this is the way it came. I just need to figure out how to resolve what the issue is stator, points, condenser, coil ? I downloaded a service manual but it doesn't really help, not sure how to check the coil or condenser
  12. i have a xl175 not sure of the year, but i am not getting anyspark, this is not the endro model, so there is no batter, gauges or light, I tested the wires coming from the stator, I was getting less than 1 volt off 2 of the four leads, does anyone know what king of voltage you should be getting, next it has been a while since i worked on points and condensor system, just wondering how to test the coil, i tested the points for continuity and they are working,
  13. I have both the engine and frame serial numbers but the dealer is unable to tell me the year, maybe someone on here can help me jkakxre1xga007076 frame vin xl175e-4103981 engine serial
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