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  1. rmz_250_racer

    250 four stroke Poll !!!

    get a suzi and don't worry about it.
  2. rmz_250_racer

    Spark Plug Wrench

    really? i never met the guy, i'll do my best to stay within the rules.
  3. rmz_250_racer


    or you could just keep em tight
  4. rmz_250_racer

    250 four stroke Poll !!!

    rmz/kxf is the lightest so when yammie goes to the aluminum frames they'll only be ahead 2 lbs. (that is saying that suzuki/kawi don't make any improvements from now) the rmz/kxf also has the strongest motor. I haven't had any problems with my rmz, no overheating issues no valve issues either. It is a steel frame but it's light.
  5. rmz_250_racer

    scared to buy 4-stroke

    I would stay away from a honda this year, go with a yzf or an rmz/kxf.
  6. rmz_250_racer

    I did something really stupid today!

    We found this 5 foot jump on the powerlines and I was trying to show off to my buddy. So I go for the jump and let off the gas slightly, right as I hit the top of the jump I rev the sucker wide open. Needless to say I went nearly vertical, I landed it (somehow) but my wrist hurt like a b!tch for 2 days.
  7. rmz_250_racer

    Here is your typical quad driver.

    notice he could've kept his shorts and sneakers dry by going on the small hill to the side
  8. rmz_250_racer

    anyone else cracked there case??

    most likely you hit a rock when u were in the mud. JB should fix it, make sure the area is spotless before you patch it.
  9. rmz_250_racer

    crf250 motor blow up?

    I've seen 2 bikes come into the shop with that same problem. Most likely the cranks were defective. Try and get honda to warranty it for you.
  10. rmz_250_racer

    Oil Consumption

    your rings are probly shot. Most likely due to a improper break in.
  11. rmz_250_racer

    Why should I buy the crf250x over other bikes??

    they mean the power comes on nice and smooth. In which mag did the crf win bike of the year? They must be getting a lot of heat with all the valve issues. Might i recommend the kxf/rmz 250? It's much stronger.
  12. rmz_250_racer

    What are the symptoms of valve problems?

    once again, hard starting. You may hear em knocking at idle.
  13. if it's hard to start u know u have bad valves. (at least that is one of the symptoms) how much wear is on the chain and rear sprocket now?
  14. rmz_250_racer

    Shorter Kickstarter?

    shortening it will make it harder to start because you'll have less torque.
  15. rmz_250_racer

    spoke to soon

    they should open up a chain.