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  1. An update to my saga. My bike already had the updated oil pump parts. My mechanic now thinks it might have been over-heating due to running lean. I fitted an FMF powercore 4 muffler at 82HRS, but didn't adjust the fuel screw, so that might be to blame. He reckons it could have got hot, warped the head, and blew the gasket. I'm wondering if maybe it was even running lean with the stock muffler too. I trusted that the dealer had set it up right, but I probably should have checked the fuel screw adjustment straight away. I didn't ask if he just played with the fuel screw, or with the needle and jets too, though; I'll have to ask. He also said that the valve shim size he's fitted are way different to what had been in there from new, and wonders if that maybe caused the problem. We'll most likely never know. Anyway, she's going now, so, it's time to ride! I'm not expecting it to happen again, and I'll get my valves checked more often! A lesson learned.
  2. Thanks very much for this tutorial! My 2010 530exc engine recently blew at only 102 hrs, and I noticed performance loss at about 90 hrs, but at the time didn't know what was causing it, and certainly didn't expect it to be a worn out bore! It was also blowing coolant out of the overflow long before that, and I thought it was just overheating, but the coolant system must have been getting pressurised by a leak somewhere. My bike's at the mechanic's right now, getting a brand new cylinder and head(aswell as a new con-rod etc), because the old ones were destroyed when the engine overheated and blew. It got so hot that we couldn't even get the plug out (part of the cylinder and head had actually melted), when trying to find out what was wrong, while stranded on a beach, 20kms away from our destination. After seeing that the cylinder lining had worn through, my mechanic said that it looked like a lack of lubrication. It made me look bad, but I was pretty sure that I'd always done my oil changes in time and properly! I was even questioning the oil I'd been using, Shell ultra, which is fully synthetic, and I had decided not to ever use it again until I saw this thread. I really hope that this was the cause of the failure. The only other thing I can think of that maybe could have been an issue, was that I used the sight glass to measure the oil level, and didn't always fit the full 600ml in, thinking that maybe there was some old oil still in there, and not wanting to cause pressure issues on seals, which caused problems on earlier KTM's. I only changed the filter every other oil change, so there was obviously still some oil in there then. Otherwise I don't know what it could have been, at relatively low hours for a big bike. I'll call my mechanic tomorrow to see if he knows about these oil pump upgrades, and see if he can get them and install them! Excellent tutorial too!!! Great pics and great info on part no.'s, and differences between old and new parts! Cheers!!!!!
  3. ben_suhard

    05-08 Gas Gas ec 300 weight

    I used to trail ride my '06 YZ450F, which is s'posed to be the same weight as my GG EC250 at 102kgs, but the GG feels so much lighter! I raced off-road on my KTM530exc this year, but it just felt like I was fighting the bike on the tight, twisty tracks. Next year I'm gonna try the open 2stroke class on the old GG, hoping and expecting to get better outright times, and also enjoy the tracks more.
  4. ben_suhard

    Suzuki DRZ R6 throttle install

    Any brand of throttle tube will work, it just needs to have a cable cam(the diameter of the tube where the cables wrap around) of about 45mm to give you the same turn as using a 2006 R6 OEM tube. If you call or email Motion Pro, they can tell you the diameter of the cable cam on any of their throttle tubes. The Motion Pro Revolver throttle kit supplies you with four different sizes of cable cams: 35, 40, 45 and 50. The 2004 R1 tube would be roughly the same as the 40mm cam. When I fitted a 2006 R6 tube to my YZF450 using the stock throttle housing, I had to grind out the cam stops inside for it to fit! I'm now using the Motion Pro Revolver kit (with the 50mm cam fitted) on my GSXR1000, YZF450, and KTM 530exc and love it! I haven't found another brand of quick throttle with a 50mm cam as an option. All the other brands I looked at only had a 45mm cam, and were much more expensive! Motion Pro Revolver is the go!!!
  5. ben_suhard

    GasGas EC250 LCD display not working.

    Thanks for the reply mate. I've been a bit busy and haven't been on TT for a while. I managed to hook up the speedo wires to a bicycle computer for last weekend's ride, we did a total of 630kms through Victoria National Parks and the border track between SA and Vic. It was a great ride, but my bike was very thirsty in the sand, and luckily I was able to get fuel off a couple of the other guy's 25l tanks. I'll definitely not do that trip again without a long range tank!
  6. ben_suhard

    GasGas EC250 LCD display not working.

    I did a few searches and didn't get anything. I have an 06 gasgas ec250, and the lcd display started flickering a couple of rides ago. Then, last time I started it there was no display at all. I attached a 9v battery to the "engine not running" connection, but there's still no display. I still get power for the lo/hi head, tail and brake lights etc.. I did ride in some mud, but haven't washed it since I bought it off of a mate only a few rides ago. He never had a problem with it for the last year or two he's owned it; I usually ride trails with him. Has anyone else had this problem, and did you fix it? I'll probably just wack a bicycle computer on it if I can't get it sorted, rather than pay a dealer to try to fix it, and then have them just order another (over-priced) one. I know that there are some fancy ones available, but a bicycle computer(I already have one to use) would be fine for me at the moment.
  7. ben_suhard

    Bummed right out!!!!

    Now that you mention it, I probably read about the IMS failures on KTMtalk(when I had a KTM). Since then though, I've decided to stay away from the IMS tanks.
  8. ben_suhard

    Oversize Brake on 2007 YZ450F

    EBC oversized discs are decent for a lower price.
  9. ben_suhard

    Bummed right out!!!!

    This might not be the case with newer ones, but I remember reading a while ago about IMS tanks splitting at the seams. I've only used a Clarke, and I had no quality problems.
  10. ben_suhard

    2010 Yz450f

    Thanks for the report ZMoney520, and sorry to hear you're in hospital. Did you crash, or did someone try to take you out because you now know too much?
  11. ben_suhard

    D756 vs. Geomax

    It sounds like they're good tyres. Thanks for the report. I think I'll be trying a Geomax or two when I'm due for new tyres.
  12. ben_suhard

    Scott steering stabalizer

    If you haven't already tried, you can have a play around with the adjusters while the bike is on a stand, just as a demo on what effect the adjustments have. It's just easier to feel the difference when turning the bars with the front wheel off the ground.
  13. ben_suhard

    Stewart's roadracer/mx supermoto ride

    Rats! He should have done more motard practising before the event, instead of practising his whips! The winner of the best whip comp was killing 'em, I was loving his whips; definitely had the best whips and deserved to win. Erin said they had a total of 34,000 votes; that's a lot of voting, and the voters got it right, I think.
  14. ben_suhard

    2010 Yz450f

    haha, it's ok, 'cause he started it!