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    Keihin PWK 36 fits many bikes...this was in a 2016 KTM 250xc-w. Runs perfectly! Jetted for 500ft msl...includes a JD jet kit with numerous jetting options also.


    , Texas

  2. Herky

    KTM 250 XC-W (2016)


  3. Thanks Cahaba! I'll prob give that a try! I wonder how much a suspension shop would charge to put a lighter spring on...Hmmm.
  4. Can someone recommend a REASONABLY priced upgraded shock for a 2012 KLX 110? my boy is about 65 pounds, and the stock shock might as well be a solid welded steel bar!! Front is decent, but I need a softer rear shock.
  5. This is what I do also...N. Texas muddy to rocky depending on course conditions. Guess for first practice lap...then adjust as needed. Never below 8, rarely above 12. HD tubes, Golden tyres (damn Europeans...it’s TIRES!).
  6. I just talked to KTM North Texas-there is a serial number difference...the new one (the one I have gottten twice) advertises that it WILL fit a 2016 250xc-w...but it does not. It has the tapered spacers. He is going to send me an Enduro Engineering handle that fits...he said that the KTM ones are made by EE anyway. I'll bet if I said I had a 2015 i would have got the right one.
  7. Well, I returned the one that didn't fit, ordered another one from Ebay 78112917000 as shown in the picture. BUT when it arrived, it was part number 79012917000. (the same exact one that DIDN"T FIT the first time...the cone shaped spacers, etc). To be fair, it looks like KTM changed some part numbers. (as a side note, the original number and part from ebay has the 8 mm/torq bit bolts, whereas this new NON-fitting POS has ALLEN bolts! I really don't want to add another tool in my box anyway just to fit this thing. May just skip the damn thing altogether.
  8. BTW 2016 250 XC-W

  9. I wrestled with this silly handle for a long time in the garage, eventually grinding a little plastic away from the number plate to make the front spacer fit. Still came out wonky... Is there a 2stroke vs 4stroke rear grab handle? Also, any ideas how to salvage this $40 handle lol?
  10. Herky

    KTM 250 XC-W (2016)


    so far so good...
  11. Herky

    KTM 250 XC-W 2016

    so far so good...
  12. Herky

    Honda CRF50F 2011

    Bullet proof! Love this series!
  13. Herky

    Honda CRF50F (2011)


    Bullet proof! Love this series!
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