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  1. There will be other cars to worry about...stalled on highways,traffic jams, herds of dead in the road. You will most likely have to go through a roadside ditch or two. The H2r....no way would I want that.
  2. Ya...xr400r is a,good choice...it's kicker only...so you better be sure you have that dialed.
  3. Yes...but you just bought a good low mileage all stock bike off craigslist the night before....then the next morning at dawn all hell breaks loose. So, there wasn't time to modify anything. Good one: E-Start and kicker a must! I forgot about that. If the battery dies then you die too.
  4. Good call, but a stock xr400 has a small tank. So, you won't get far before you need to stop for fuel. So less than a hundred miles later, you might have to stop when there's a herd around..then you're toast.
  5. If the walking dead happened...and you could only have one __completely stock bike___in your garage to escape...which one would it be? I'd consider range and lightweight an important feature. That way, I could pick it up before I became lunch. So for me, I dunno a KLR maybe?
  6. My buddies all tell me Adventure Bikes are for old men....who ride down a groomed dirt road for a couple miles.
  7. Just found this: http://www.advpulse.com/adv-bikes/5-custom-adventure-bike-build-by-real-people/ There's a definite need for a lightweight adventure bike. People are taking light bikes and adapting them. Japan needs a version 2 adventure bike. It would sell crazy well. http://www.advpulse.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/ktm690adv3_opt.jpg
  8. Shades of gray. A perfect bike for highway and dirt is never going to happen. Polar opposites. How gray do you want to go?
  9. Great shots and video! A modern dirtbike has twin tube suspensions front and rear with 12" of travel. My dr650 only has 9" or 10" of archaic damper rod ineffective and slow to repond travel. It won't really weigh more. In fact an aluminum frame will save 6 pounds. Lighter swingarm 2 pounds. Easy. The "in its class" argument is moot. Those bikes in class are ancient. KTM does it right. That legal 690 is 120 pounds lighter than a KLR....120 freakin' pounds! That's like your girlfriend on the back.
  10. Understand where you're coming from....but I disagree. My DR is 364 pounds with fuel. If you add a bigger tank, racks and protection, then it's close to 400 pounds. That is still okay. However, it's only 36 hp and has a crap suspension which is a real hindrance. Sure, guys put a pumper carb and change suspension. But then you've got another $3k in it and weeks of work, and it's still substandard. So it may up the price another $1500 to have Suzuki make it proper. The bike would still be $8k new. It would kill sales of all other Enduros since a little extra money spent is nothing considering the costs of everything in the long run.
  11. ...and here is a photo from yesterday's ride for your enjoyment. The Adventure line of bikes would also be able to do this one...since it's mellow off-road. That's my DR since it has a plate. I would have loved to rip it on my Honda CRF...but California denied me a plate twice now.
  12. That Tiger off-road video posted above is just a low intermediate trail. I'd of been stranded for days if I was alone on that thing...I've done that drop before off the trail. I don't care whatever fuzzy math you guys want to use regarding your Adventure Bike weight. The fact is when you get the racks, protection, bags, and gear loaded with a full tank of fuel ( some only list dry weight), your bike is near 600 pounds. Don't play coy. Don't hate the player. Hate the game. I REALLY want a Japanese dirt worthy ENDURO for range crossings...solo fast style. That's the POINT of my post. The industry jumps from a heavy old school inferior dirt bike with a plate...to a heavy "adventure " bike with a plate. There remains a huge hole in the availability of true enduros suitable for hardcore "adventures" that get licensed. We've got KTM and Beta on board...but nothing from Suzuki,Honda,Yamaha, or Kawasaki...,that is plated per se in California. Here's where I ride alone...dozens of miles from anywhere on seldom traveled advanced trails. That's my crf450x baja winning bike at the bottom right....Best climber ever made..260 pounds. Being able to pick it up solo and self rescue is a MUST!....or you're calling the chopper with Spot tracker.
  13. Here's my "Adventure" ride today....ride up a steep hill then fly off. I'd of taken my hang glider if I could carry a 19' long tube....haha.
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