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  1. bubbyman

    Vid of the kids on their 2strokes

    Man that's cool. Good riding !! I noticed the track as soon as I seen it. Don't see much of that place when some one puts a video up. Hopefully soon I'll be back out there riding again.
  2. bubbyman

    5A in the morning

    Was not all that bad I guess.............., you know the usual hoop-laaa that goes on around there with that busy of a crowd. I did see a jacked up 4wd toyota roll over on the trail trying to pass a 4 door Ford superduty lifted with some wide ass 38's on it. None the less the driver was obliteraly drunk and the passenger was thrown out of the sunroof. And also a teenage group that had an 08 F-150 freshly lifted probably 6" and 3" body with new tires and rims sank up to the mid door line and a rear bumper ripped from trying to pull it out with a chain that was pinned with a screwdriver. All in all the dirt was good not to wet you can get around everything.
  3. bubbyman

    5A in the morning

    I'll be out there around 10ish. I know it's most likely to be hetic being Sunday but I have family getting on me to go out and ride with them. If any of you are going to be out there I'll be on a RMZ 450 #154 driving a lifted red f150 supercrew.
  4. bubbyman

    anyone in brevard riding saturday

    I know this post has been here for a bit but i'll be at 5A in the morning. RMZ-450 #154. Say hey if you see me out there.
  5. bubbyman

    Riding this weekend

    I will try and get out there and ride Bithlo with you guys on Sunday.
  6. bubbyman

    11/6 - Bithlo

    To me the track has been really tamed down since I have last ridden it. I tore my knee up pretty good at the end of last year and had some extensive surgery on it this past May and last weekend was my 1st ride back on the bike in 13 months. What I felt like out there last weekend was like someone threw me on a bike and track and said here make it happen. All of the jumps are in my opinion do-able without that strain of having to think oh crap am I going to make this ? All of them can be rode over without jumping and the sand is not the trail sand that you find out in the woods down here, It actually has some pack to it. If you look on here you sould be able to see some helmet cam of the track in it's latest layout. If you decide to come out this Saturday look for a Red lifted 4-door F-150 with a RMZ -450 #154 and a KX 85 thats me and my little brother. I'm Robbie
  7. bubbyman

    Bithlo 11-08

    Me and my little brother plan on making an appearance Saturday also. I have to get rid of these GOONIE JITTERS . See you all there.
  8. bubbyman

    anyone in brevard riding saturday

    I live in Titusville and Cbusby is in Palm Bay. I dont know the specifics on Grant this is the first I have heard of it.
  9. bubbyman

    50.... I made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday DonO.... Was good to ride with you again last weekend. It has definitely has been along time.
  10. bubbyman

    anyone in brevard riding saturday

    AHHH HAHAHA well what if I rode the woods you would'nt go ? Wait let me answer that for you........( yeah Robbie sounds good )...NOOOOOOOOOOT...
  11. bubbyman

    anyone in brevard riding saturday

    I could be in for a ride possibly. I am about 10 mins south of 5A. Where is Grant ?
  12. bubbyman

    KX 60 oil leak

    Good to hear man. Hope all goes well with it. By the way what part of Florida are you in ?
  13. bubbyman

    Milling Jr. 50 head

    Ok guys I got the head back on the bike with .062 millled off of the head. Cranked it over by hand from the kickstart and could immediatly tell the bump in compression. Bike fired right up and ran great. Took it for a little spin around the block and it feels to have some grunt on the bottom. I am definitley pleased.
  14. bubbyman

    Milling Jr. 50 head

    I have already taken the second pilot out and also drilled the 4 holes in the air box cover to. I later plan on getting the wiesco piston kit and also cleaning up the ports in the jug while I have it off for that.
  15. bubbyman

    Milling Jr. 50 head

    There is a good size lip on the Jr. 50 head. I also have read from this section that having that lip milled off will make the comp ratio somewhere around 10:1