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  1. Ok yeah that makes sense,. ..... the DLC coating is there to prevent this sorta wear, and once its gone things start to wear. I hope you get this sorted out, ideally thru KTM Canada.
  2. I feel your pain, ouch. A lack of lubrication maybe ???? there are oil squirters in the head I believe, perhaps plugged ? Or the valve clearance was way tight ??? Just guessing Looks like mechanical damage/wear, not just to the DLC coating like in my case.
  3. The 2013 450's was the motor under the warranty, My bike was also out of warranty when I checked with the dealer... Actually it had the warranty service already done when the bike had zero hours, according to the history.... so due to that fact, and the fact that so many years had passed, it was not qualified for more service. But in my case KTM did me a solid regardless.
  4. Woah dude, that's a drag. Hope you can get some help from KTM, I was lucky that my service manager at the dealer was so helpful, I feel like I had better luck with a dealer representative contacting KTM on my behalf. Only 60 hours too, geesh. I must say, I'd be really curious to see what the damage looks like, got a pic ?
  5. Everyone with a 2013 450 / 500 inspect your intake rocker !!!
  6. Action Motorcycles, since the bike was purchased there it probably increased their willingness to help (I'm the second owner though). Technically I could've attempted this process myself directly with KTM Canada, but maybe I had better luck with the dealer contacting KTM on my behalf. The service manager there was very nice and willing to help, I wouldn't expect this treatment from the other dealership in Victoria. It will take a week for the part to arrive, and I'll update you guys then.
  7. Yeah totally, I was surprised to hear it, and happy. That saves me hundreds of dollars. I'll be inspecting the coating of the new rocker regularly. I'll pull it out every 30 hours for inspection when I do the valve check, even if the valves don't need adjustment.
  8. Guess what ?!?!?!!? KTM will provide me with the replacement part ! It sounds like I can install it myself too, the dealer just told me to bring my old rocker arm to exchange for the new one when it arrives. Thank you KTM, and thanks to the service department at the dealer !
  9. I'm actually going down south in a couple weeks for my next ride (Juniper Forest, WA), so I can check part prices there. But the Canadian dollar isn't worth much right now. The part is $322 CAD here, ouch !
  10. Well its some sort of NAFTA import/export thing I'm guessing, its complicated probably. The Canadian dollar is not worth much now anyhow. I just got the price from the dealer, its $322 CAD with a 3 week lead time.
  11. Yeah I was checking/adjusting the valves when I discovered this. I don't think I would be able to find a cheaper alternate source for this part other than the dealer, in Canada I basically have to get OEM parts from the dealer............ There are no online retailers of OEM parts in Canada, RockymountainATVMC doesn't ship OEM parts to Canada, and I don't want a used part. Do you have some suggestions on how to get a deal ? It's winter so I'm not riding much now, although I do plan on going for a ride soon. Will probably the last ride before this is dealt with. The coating on the surface contacting the cam lobe is still intact and just starting to wear thin. This is the most important surface because it protects the cam lobe from wear.
  12. Wow thanks for all the good advice ! I'll use your advice when I call KTM Canada and speak with them. I think your right that its best to be polite, they don't HAVE to do anything. I think your right that I'd have to pay the dealer labor to install the part if KTM warranties it, but that'd be only about an hour of labor I think. The service manager of the dealership emailed me back today and said he would contact KTM today. If KTM won't help me out, I'm worried that I'll have to spend around $400 CAD to replace the rocker and it will be bad again in another 70 hours.
  13. I asked the service department, and the technical bulletin # from KTM for this recall is TB1301 . . . . . TECHNICAL INFORMATION 1 36/12/208/HQ-E / Action code !! Author: FH September 24th 2012 Applies to: INTAKE ROCKER ARM Model: 450 SX-F/450 XC-F/450 SMR MY 2013 Restrictions: VINs of affected motorcycles are linked in the Dealer.net Countries: All Basic information: Because of a problem while preparing the process for coating the rocker arm with high-strength DLC, the coating detaches from the rocker arm. This leads to abrasion between the rocker arm and the camshaft and consequently to engine damage. Repair / modification procedure: Exchange the intake rocker arm on affected motorcycles according to the procedure described in Repair Manual 3206145 in the appendix. Before installing the new rocker arm, polish the intake cam with the polishing felt included with the rocker arm. If severe wear is visible on the surface of the camshaft, replace the camshaft as well. Damage or modification parts: Damage parts to replace: a) intake rocker arm 789 36 060 000 if necessary, camshaft 789 36 010 033 New part: 789 36 060 000 as of production code GXX09XX All replaced parts must be returned to KTM customer service. Credit for the warranty application is not issued until the damaged parts are received by customer service. GXX09XX Defect-free parts as of production Sept.2012 (=09) TECHNICAL INFORMATION 2 Entries for warranty application: Warranty type: TI warranty Module: 36 Cylinder head/valve train Damage code: 170 Defective coating Damage-causing part: Intake rocker arm 78936060000 Action code: G.12.173.36 Parts: Intake rocker arm 78936060000 Work time: T3900236970 > 55 min. = incl. setup time and test ride If inventory parts are affected: Yes, parts delivered by September 10th 2012 must be returned to the spare parts center via an RMA.
  14. FYI, according to my dealer the technical bulletin # from KTM for this recall is TB1301 My 2013 450 XCF had this warranty work done when the bike was new, the intake rocker arm was replaced. Now the bike has 72 hours and the DLC coating is failing ! Here's my thread on this issue on my bike, I've shown pics of the DLC coating failure.