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  1. hill5150

    08 505 XCF Oil

    Any thought on running this in it? Motor has 75 hours, and is changed every 10 religiously.... http://www.amsoil.com/storefront/aro.aspx
  2. I know, the Glamis footage has the brake cable in the way.....It's been addressed......
  3. I know, the Glamis footage has the brake cable in the way.....It's been addressed......
  4. hill5150

    08 505 xcf valve adjustment

    I had them done at 20 hrs, I'm at 60 now, bike is running eratic....
  5. Any one done this,any recommendations so I can put my hard earned cash in the tank?
  6. hill5150

    Silencer for an 08 505 XCF

    P/U the FMF TI- really opened up the powerband on the bike......
  7. hill5150

    Black ClockWork 3.4g Tanks

    I have the clear 3.4 on my 505XCF...works great, and fit and feel is kill:thumbsup:
  8. hill5150

    Anyone got a 2008 KTM 505 XC-F?

    My water pump housing was leaking, I replaced the outer seal, the factory was putting them in backwards...
  9. Any thoughts likes, dislikes,grunts,raves? on these cans for this bike? Keeping the headpipe for now.Thx. Lexx FMF Pro-circuit DR.D
  10. hill5150

    08 505 XCF Water Pump Seal Leak

    I'm at 42 hrs and it started about 4 hours ago, slow, couldn't tell right away, turns out, they did put mine in backwards........
  11. Anyone experiencing the water pump leak on this bike will need to remove water pump housing, purchase new outer seal, and re-install with the "Spring" facing OUTWARDS.The factory apparently is installing them backwards on 95% of the bikes, apparently, hence the leak. The new shaft replacement looks to not be necessary, and will save you $145.00 + Labor if you choose that route.
  12. hill5150

    lights on an 08 505xcf?

    X2 trailtech Stator/flywheel, don't run HID but it works fine.....and I gotta plate:worthy:
  13. hill5150

    No 2010 505's ?

    X2 I have an 08 and I love it.........
  14. hill5150

    xr650r thermostat

    Thermostat? What's that? Took mine outta mine the day I bought it:thumbsup: ---
  15. hill5150

    New 680 motor question.

    Truth is I loved my 680-- bulletproof, but the additional 100 lbs of weight and fatigue got old. The power is clearly different, the 680 was a torque monster, you could tow a semi w/ that thing:thumbsup: the Katoom puts out roughly 61 or so HP my 680 was roughly 65 or so and 100 lbs heavier, the suspension was dialed but it just didn't have the throw around ability that the Katoom does. The 680 is a great bike at 100 mph in open dez, where the KTM is a bit different due to the weight difference-I really just got tired of waiting for an updated BIGBORE from the red guys...I would have kept the 680 but had to justify the new purchase to the Mrs........