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  1. Agr0

    2019 FE 450 idle question

    The FX boot is a little cleaner but I assure you that simply removing the reed valves from the FE boot works excellent and will save you time and money. Basically the opening then is a large rectangle vs a circle. It works well. It takes about 10 mins to pop the reeds out. Use a heat gun or blow dryer if u don’t have one. Remove the black rubber rectangle cover over them w a needle nose pliers and then use the needle nose on the reeds and simply pull out. Clean it up if necessary anywhere and then you r good
  2. I heard slow receipt of ECU's lately. It's the same ECU for nearly all the latest KTM and Husky models, simply a diff map applied. If you can find someone locally that's using a Vortex, you could perhaps buy or borrow their stock ECU?
  3. The main ground on the left side that attaches to the frame is snugged down properly? just making sure.... I had that issue
  4. Agr0

    Fe 450 valves

    Oh I'll add that I bought both shim kits at like $120 shipped, thinking that I skipped my 1hr valve check and 15hr and did my 1st one at 25hrs i MUST have at least 1 be a bit tight.. nope. At some point though in this bikes life, I will need to adjust.
  5. Agr0

    Fe 450 valves

    I think you can follow any of the modern KTM/Husqvarna howtos. This YouTube video should walk you through it for the most part, and they look the same once you get the cover off. My 2018 looks identical to this and I used this and a few other youtube videos. They are the same... TDC sometimes can be slightly different on each model, where the mark is exactly. Valve clearances should be listed in your owners manual, but no details on exactly how to do it (because that's a service manual kind of thing). Shim kits, there are Pro-X and HotCams as aftermarket and you need 8.90 O.D. I have both Pro-X shim kits that give down to 0.02mm clearances, factory shows 0.04mm, but it could be more convenient to have more granular control. The 2015 is same as 2017-2019, which you can see here: https://www.pro-x.com/search/?search-brand=12&search-model=5815&search-year=2015&search-submit=SHOW+RESULTS Pro X Valve Shim Kit 8.90mm OD 1.72-2.60mm - 2018 HUSQVARNA FE 501 Pro X Valve Shim Kit 8.90mm OD 1.74-2.58mm - 2018 HUSQVARNA FE 501 Same part# from Pro-X for your 2015 vs my 2018. VSA890 & VSA890-2
  6. Check the main engine ground. I had a similar issue. FI light when on throttle but goes off when idling. Other issue I had is that it wouldn’t stop via the kill switch (albeit it is an aftermarket Sicass one so maybe not apples to apples) and then would not always start from off. You sure it’s the ecu? If you were local to me you could try my 18 fe501 ecu as I run vortex but if not me, maybe someone else. I hear the ecus r cheap relatively speaking. Gl
  7. Agr0

    2019 FE 450 idle question

    I'd advise against de-smogging it or exhaust mod, intake mod (reeds out), if you don't remap. They are already lean as it is stock, more so after those items discussed done. You will need to go Vortex, since you won't be getting the euro flash on your ECU anytime soon.
  8. Sorry, I’m no expert in that area to speak to why all yours are not in spec. I don’t know these engines etc. I just know how to check and shim them to spec. I got the Pro-X shim kits (2) so I have them to 0.02mm increments. I also got lazy and didn’t check till my 25hr. I knew I was a bad boy but it ran so great.
  9. Wild how diff bikes behave. Each unique. Here is mine at 25hrs 600 miles
  10. Agr0

    2018 FE501 ECU Failure

    How about find someone local to him that is chill and will let him use their FE501 ECU? I have a 2018 FE501 and I run a Vortex, so my ECU is in a box, likely never to be seen again. Maybe another local guy like me, by him that he is cool w/ that can just let him use the ECU for a while, until the new one comes in?
  11. Before today, I had a completely stock bike as far as all that goes. The reeds I bet if you handed me a heat gun and a set of needle nosed pliers and vice grips (optional), I could start to finish have it done in 90 seconds. It is really easy. If you want them removed, you should have no concerns about the complexity of it. Heat the area up, pull on the plastic ring outside the reeds w the needle nose, which is glued (and now the glue is soft), pull that off. Then simply put your needle nose (or vice grips which can make it easier, less strain on my hands) in on the reed (as shown in my pic) and pull the F'er out. I did this per the doc. I dont think I had to, but I just couldn't resist
  12. 1. Installed the Vortex ECU 2. Installed the Pro Moto Billet spark arresster 3. Desmogged some items (left the charcoal canister for now, too lazy) Removed the SAS, installed plug w/ copper washer. Removed the brass nipple in intake, installed bolt w/ copper washer. 4. Removed the reed valves in the intake 5. Reset the TPS per the Vortex instructions. No idea if that was needed, but it sounded like fun...
  13. I forgot to reply. Let’s put this to rest.... I called their USA distributor and confirmed identical.
  14. Yes and because of this is why I wondered if perhaps there was a diff map (part #) for FE vs EXC-F. I guess not
  15. Prob the same... just found this inside.