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  1. Spooner

    2011 Fly F-16 pants

    That is actually a very common occurance with their pants.
  2. I have a moose one too and it's super tough. Easy to take off and put on too.
  3. www.motorcyclecloseouts.com But I always suggest trying to find a good local shop to buy from first.
  4. Spooner

    Graphics for a White yz250f

    Like mentioned before, really any kit looks fine on the white plastics. Here is how mine came out:
  5. Spooner

    Knee pads. What do you use?

    Another Thor Force wearer. I just wear the really tall mx socks to prevent the chafing. Had them for 3 years and they are holding up great!
  6. Spooner

    Rekluse Setup

    I use medium/hard but I have a fww which really helps with the stalling.
  7. Spooner

    whats 2500 cash mean

    I love it when I'm selling something and someone offers some lowball number CASH! Well I'm not a bank so I'm not sure how else you're going to pay me haha!
  8. Spooner

    Most Comfortable Gear

    I got some Thor Flux gear last fall and really like it. I have had two sets of Core gear before and it's held up great, and the leather on the flux is even nicer from what I can tell. It took a full season of hair scrambles and play riding to start getting any holes in the knees of my last core set-I think that is more than acceptable wear. One thing I have always noticed is I have to get one size larger on the pants than my normal jean size to fit the waist. The flux gear does fit my knee braces better than the old stuff too.
  9. The only one I've really seen is the alpinestars ones. They have two over the jersey and one pressure suit type chest protector that work with their neck brace. Not sure if the leatt will work with it though. I am planning on getting one before the season starts-I saw it at the dealer show and it was a really nice piece.
  10. Spooner

    Best Helmet??

    I've had a thor force II for a couple years and really like it. Eyeing that new carbon one now just because mine is getting stinky haha! Best helmet is the one that fits your head-go to a store and try them all on.
  11. Sales rep in the motorcycle industry.
  12. Spooner

    Tech 10 buckles

    Just spray a shot of silicone spray on them and they will snap like butta'. I had the same problem and it's amazing the difference.
  13. Spooner

    Which Boot?

    Did you actually try using silicone spray? I had the same problem with my 10's and started spraying them every few rides and it made a huge difference. They snap together like butta' but are still a little tough to get apart. I would rather them be hard to undo than come apart one a ride.
  14. The tech 7 adds a dual density toe box (the end of the toe is very hard plastic, gets softer as it comes up the foot. Also a two piece sole, metal buckles, and a nicer upper. The tech 3 is meant to be a 'softer' boot more for entry level riders where the 7 has a stiffer sole and ankle support so they take a hit much better. The 7 is what, $80 more? That's well worth it in my book.
  15. Spooner

    Opinions wanted on KTM dealers in Kansas.

    Yeah both shops are great. Can't go wrong either way.