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  1. MXrider101

    Desert 100----Race Predictions

    I am going to be heading up to Odessa with my 525. I am going to have a spark arrestor installed before I leave so I can race! What kind of bikes do people usually ride for this event? It will be my first time racing up there, and I hope it turns out to be a great trip.
  2. MXrider101

    pretty insane

    hey Sam, its Taylor! haha i cant believe this thread got this large.. regardless of what you all think, the jump does hold up. like he has said before, he doesnt have much dirt to work with, so he makes way with what he has. why dont you guys cut him a little slack..hes just trying to have a good time, thats what its all about! although i do think you should have titled it a little bit more appropriately other then 'pretty insane', Sam. lol peace bro, -Taylor
  3. MXrider101

    Unadilla practice film

    would like to know aswell
  4. MXrider101

    My brothers crash at GNCC Wisp race

    Oh my God man, that must have hurt quite a bit
  5. MXrider101

    YZ250F 04-05 Stock Muffler

    ill sell you mine. great condition. name a price and we'll work it out.
  6. MXrider101

    Picking up my new 06 YZ 250 tomorrow!

    no, that was my boot rubbing against it.
  7. MXrider101

    Picking up my new 06 YZ 250 tomorrow!

    yeah that was acttualy coming once i got back to cali. yeah me too.
  8. MXrider101

    Who has owned a 200exc and a 300exc?

    The XCW has a wide transmition and the EXC does not. just checked them out today. ( dads thinking of getting one )
  9. MXrider101

    Couple Riding Pics from last friday

    once my leg heals and arm ill check that place out. id love to ride with you guys. looks fun
  10. MXrider101

    Picking up my new 06 YZ 250 tomorrow!

    i had an 05, which was completly gone through, and i had the hurrican kit on it. heres a few pics i loved the thing, only had it for 2 months or so and then it got stolen along with my dads wr450f while going through new mexico back to california. man i miss it..
  11. MXrider101

    wr250 or crf 250x

    LiKe REaLlY BIg JuMPs!? im sure a wr250f would be fine for you coming from what you have..it will wheelie pretty well also once you do the free mods. you can jump wr250f's fine, but if your taking about track riding, i would look into a yz250f or a crf250r. -Taylor
  12. MXrider101

    I think there might be a Thumpstar in my future

    look into the RC bikes. from what i have heard and seen there awesome. im probably going to get one once my wrist and fibula heal since i wont be riding big bikes any more. there 1499 for the RCM125SX 1699 shipped
  13. MXrider101

    Has anyone ridden the RC125SX(pit bike)?

    me also..lol please. -Taylor