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  1. I'm not going to attempt a case split, dropping the bike off this AM, will post pics of the damaged parts when available
  2. Little over 6K miles on my 11'400s. Rode to the post office 14 mi round trip, shifted fine on the way, went to leave and it made a strange clunk shifting into 5th and there was no 5th it was like neutral, it shifted up and down from 1st to 4th so rode home in 4th. got home went to down shift , made a big clunk and it locked up the countershaft, would not move with the clutch in, had to take the chain off to push it to my shop. Shifter felt like garbage, engine is fine. Hopefully not to much damage but will have to split the cases. Not expecting that to happen, we will see!
  3. Fairly new, it's supposed to stabilize gas for 2 years, anybody running it? 1 oz per 4 gal is what they recommend so pretty cheap to use. Any input ?
  4. Amazon has the gallon for $41, it's alot to pay but if you use it correctly it goes a long way. Put it in a windex type sprayer, use on cold surface only
  5. Spectro XL1 motorcycle wash, it's a spray that emulsifies dirt. I bought a gallon and use it on the hard to clean areas like engine fins. Nice XR looks really clean!
  6. Glad I checked it out, valves were tight and the AC split when I washed it, not much oil on it either. New AC, Oil change and a couple new levers should do it. Thanks for comments, fun to cherry it out.
  7. Actually I bought it for my daughter so she can ride with my Grandsons, making sure it's good to go.
  8. OK thanks, I was afraid it might suck dirt, I was going to cap the carb LOL
  9. Going thru it found this small line unhooked, it was headed to the petcock. Anybody know where it went or what it’s for? Calif. bike
  10. White Pines and Interface are the same thing pretty sure. There is a Ranger Station on the right before Arnold if you are going up. Cool Ranger in the office will give you a good map of the trails and forestry roads if they are open when you go by. Also there is Avenza maps (free) for your phone that has good Stanislaus National Forest ORV map (free) and you can mark your parking spot and gps will mark your trail if you set it to. It is possible to get lost up there. I was there during the week alone so I stayed on the Forestry roads, no other riders there. Here is one of the parking areas near White Pines Lake
  11. I live on a big cattle ranch so plenty of room to ride, sometimes go up Hwy 4 to the Interface area, grew up racing in the so cal desert, go back sometimes, to far from here tho. The Rekluse comes with good instructions as I mentioned, perfect fit too.
  12. Probably is a vid, not much to it, a little compressed air where the line hooks up will blow the old piston out, there is a spring to reuse, the kit piston comes assembled so you insert the spring and then the piston and bench bleed the slave then assemble to the case and bleed the system. You can also buy a Rekluse complete slave that is ready to install and includes bleeding instructions if you are more comfortable with that route. Rocky Mountain ATV has them but 3X the $ as the KTM kit. I bought the Rekluse slave then ordered the KTM kit and installed in my oem slave for a spare, probably never need it tho. I did have a little trouble bleeding but not bad. Rekluse Rocky Mtn # 1907870003 Where are you in Norcal? maybe I can help I'm retired, 1/2 hour East of Stockton off Hwy 4
  13. Above kit is correct for 18' FE450, can't add text to the pic for some reason
  14. There is no warning on the clutch slave, the lever just all the sudden collapses to the grip, mine went a little over 8 hours then failed.
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