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  1. MuddDawg

    OEM Tool Kit

    The stock tools seem pretty cheap considering the cost. Build your own set. Multli screw driver, crescent wrench, Vise-grip, ratchet and the sockets above, and some tire spoons.
  2. MuddDawg

    klx ignition on drz.

    A buddy of mine lost his keys on vacation in Montana. He took the bike to a locksmith. The "Smith" picked the gas cap lock, took it apart and made him a couple keys. Good luck.
  3. MuddDawg

    KLX 140 Rear Preload Howto?

    Did you figure this out yet? I just looked at my son's and it has two rings. Maybe they are just lined up and looks like just one? Ideally you don't want to lower it. You should set it up for his weight. If it needs to be lowered still you could cut the seat foam down. I did this to my son's xr 70 when he was 6. Try to do it in one piece and glue it back on when he gets the next growth spurt.
  4. MuddDawg

    Wheel options for XR100r

    Why don't you just cut the seat down with a electric turkey knife, and re-staple the cover back on. Next summer pull the cover off, add the piece you cut off, then re-staple it again. Did that to my son's 70 a few years back.
  5. MuddDawg

    What kind of mods does my chunky butt need?

    I'd say get the modded one as long I you think it was done right. That would be my $.02 for a 180# guy or you.
  6. MuddDawg

    drz400s pipe fit sm?

    I will fit, but most agree its just a noisemaker if you only do a slip on. If you have it or someone gives it to you then great, but you would be better off to save your money for a full system.
  7. MuddDawg

    North Bend riding?

    No. Closest good stuff is Manashtash or Tannumn Junction; about 2 hours and 1.5ish respectively. Yes there are some forest service stuff between NB and Snoqualmie Pass.
  8. MuddDawg

    Motorcycle roadtest tues

    I took a MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) course and we had to do a figure 8 in a box. If you went outside the box you lost a lot of points like 10 or something. If you corrected and went outside again or put your foot down you would loose another 10. I heard of folks just riding thru the box and not even trying, so they would only loose the 10 points once. Its all about points management. We had to pass with 80 points or better. Blow the box twice and your out. Good luck. I still practice this and can almost do lock to lock figure 8s in my driveway now. Feather the clutch.
  9. MuddDawg

    Shifting question for DRZ-400s

    Switch to synthetic oil. It made mine a bit smoother.
  10. MuddDawg

    Any drz riders in the Seattle area?

    Sheesh anyone can do with dirt tires, now on SMs it will be a challenge. As if it wasn't already. I haven't decided if I am going or not. I have gone the last two years. Two years ago with my son, and it was brutal. He did great for 28 miles, its the 12mph that killed me. Last year I did 1 lap of the Ironman and I was done. Hopefully I have learned to relax some, plus I am in a little better shape. I have been meaning to meet up with you folks for a ride, Looks like a blast.
  11. MuddDawg

    Any drz riders in the Seattle area?

    Debi, you have a crew going to the D100 Don't you?
  12. MuddDawg

    Any drz riders in the Seattle area?

    There are a few of us around. Most real trials are about two hours from Seattle. But if you just want some forest service roads there are some out near North Bend. I going here tomorrow. http://nmaoffroad.org/downloads/dirty_poker_run_flyer_2010.pdf
  13. MuddDawg

    400 sm TT-fcrmx39, needle, which one ?

    Good to know. I was starting to think I put the carb in wrong, but there is not much room to do it to wrong and it runs great.
  14. MuddDawg

    400 sm TT-fcrmx39, needle, which one ?

    Mine came with EMR installed and I needed to install the EMN that was included. I do not have clearance issues with my choke.
  15. MuddDawg

    Is this a good price??

    These are pretty solid bikes, but for $900.00 more you get brand new. Never know how the previous owner took care of a used one.