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  1. SBRacing

    2016 KX65 Throttle tube

    Is it me or does nobody make a aftermarket throttle tube for a 2016 kx65 besides kawasaki with the molded on grip ? I did major web searching
  2. SBRacing

    2016 to 2017 compatible shared part list

    Yes what parts are still the same as 16, Obviously the 300 is a completely new Eng, and It now has Air forks But a lot of the aftermarket companies aren't listing 2017 parts yet so I'm wondering what is the same
  3. SBRacing

    2016 to 2017 compatible shared part list

    when I was at the dealer they had a 2016 250sx and a 2017 250sx and the plastic besides color and graphics where exactly the same.. 2017 XC shares the same plastic as the SX
  4. SBRacing

    2016 to 2017 compatible shared part list

    I believe all the plastic and the wheels ?
  5. Anyone know for sure what parts can swap over from 2016 ? 2017 300xc is what I'm running I am new to KTM and not up on the past years Thanks
  6. SBRacing

    NewJersey Happy Easter TT from NJDR!

    Happy Easter from www.njdirtriders.com Be safe and always keep the shiny side up!
  7. www.njdirtriders.com New Jersey's Off-Road community All things off-road! Thanks TT , The new layout is great! Craig T
  8. SBRacing

    New NJ based Off-road Forum

    All Things Off-Road www.njdirtriders.com
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    the reason for the sign in is the spam bots.. i had it open and i had 100 fake profiles posting porn and garbage...
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    Thank you for your time
  11. SBRacing

    NewJersey NjDirtRiders.com

    Come check us out www.njdirtriders.com
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    Check us out!
  13. We went and had alot of fun .. Was hoping for more woods and less road/dirt roads but what ev The dust on Sat. before the rain storm was real bad... made me welcome the freezing rain.. haha WWW.NJDirtRiders.COM
  14. Anyone going? Anyone know if there is a tech inspection and if so what are they looking for? and how and when do you get gas?
  15. SBRacing

    dual sport fuel question

    So to be safe I will call it 20mpg and figure 2 tanks should cover the ride Thank you