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  1. If you haven't figured it out yet, all the KTM 620 RXCs are LC4s. They use the same LC4engine on many KTM models from the 90s to even todays bikes, some dirt, some dirt/street, some street, some enduro. For the freeway, some people put on a smaller rear sprocket and a bigger front sprocket. Factory decals come off with heat guns or blow dryers but be careful not to cook the plastic. I used to have a 96 620 Super Comp LC4 with a FMF pipe and discs and it was super powerful. I paid way too much for it but enjoyed it for a couple of years. Just a few weeks ago bought a 95 RXC 620 with a Dellorto carb and this one for a swinging deal. Love the RXCs. Enjoying it every day.
  2. Alien_Fungus

    1997 620cc KTM

    I just bought a 95 RXC 620 LC4 and it is CRAZY powerful. High performance, cream of the crop.
  3. Alien_Fungus

    1996 WXC Swingarm Issue

    I'm trying to get a new swingarm for my 96 WXC 610 and this one on Ebay says 92-95 Swingarm Husqvarna 610. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4598678952&sspagename=ADME:B:AAQ:US:1 Could anyone verify for sure if it would fit or not? Best regards, DMCJEDI Vancouver WA
  4. Just dialed in my bike, 1996 WXC 610, and noticed the Uptite Exhaust at the header has about 1 mm of freeplay, and the pipe rattles against the frame at the front of the bike. Is there supposed to be freeplay? Can this be stopped or dampered? The rear part of the exhaust system is OK with no movement. I noticed that in order to service the front header area, it looks like you have to take off the tank and plastic to get to that area. Anybody have any suggestions or tips for me to remedy this situation. I first thought I had a thrown rod or something, but it was the pipe rattling. Should I put a metal gasket on there? I appreciate any insight. AND Happy Thanks Giving!!!!!
  5. Alien_Fungus

    first impression with Uptite on 98 610

    Dude, right on. I just got a 96 WXC610 with Uptite. My neighbors were frightened as I zipped the bike up and down the street for the first time, pulling their kids inside as I rode by. The power is vicious!! DMC
  6. I've been refurbishing my recent acquistion - 96 WXC610 and the Acerbis hand guard is hanging off of one end. It is missing the bolt that screws into the hand grip area, and on the otherside of the guard there's this insert that is inserted into the handlebar tube that expands when the screw is twisted. Bike shops only sell the entire hardware kit for $30-$40 (includes all brackets and left/rt side screw/insert kits. Does anyone have one they could spare, off a broken handlebar guard or something? I just spent $60 bucks on nuts and bolts for the Husky and could use a break. My wife is killing me, reminds me every night how much money the Husky is draining from our family!!Har har har. Also, on another note, could someone explain how to install the double spring mechanism for the kickstand? I bought these springs and not sure how to put them on. REGARDS - DMC
  7. Alien_Fungus

    HELP! Need Uptite's phone number!

    Try this one: 714-540-2920
  8. I'm looking for parts for my WXC but everybody's talking about TEs and they both look similar for 96 and 98. Could someone explain the difference between the TE anc the WXC. Are the engine and body parts interchangable?
  9. Just picked up a 1996 WXC610. Bike came without any books or manuals. This is my first Husky. It appears that Husqvarna manuals prior to 2K are hard to come by or cost a fortune. Does anybody have a copy. I need to start doing maintenance but I am in the dark w/o instructions.