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  1. black_n_blue_thumper

    2012 300XC/SX

    Just rode my buddies 300sx last weekend. I couldn't believe the difference between it and my 300w! Shocking really. I wasn't sure if it was gearing, ignition or what, but it was noticeable. Fun for a while but I will keep my W for long mountain rides.
  2. black_n_blue_thumper

    KTM 50sr

    These bikes are famous for burning out stators when they get hot. I would have an extra with you at all times, I keep two in my tool kit. Try dropping a new one in and see if that doesnt do it.... if not youre really not out anything as the spare would be nice anyways.
  3. black_n_blue_thumper

    My first KTM ~ 2012 300XC-w

    I am looking for same info. I am coming off a 530xc-w and picking up my 300 this week. Looking for exhaust and skid plate info in particular. I cant wait to rip the 300!
  4. black_n_blue_thumper

    How to fit the axle puller & brake release pin

    what is the blanking sleeve and does it have to be reinstalled.
  5. black_n_blue_thumper

    First ride - 11 530 XC-W Six Days

    I am glad you love it. I got my 2010 530 Six Days last summer after racing a CRF450R. Man do I love my new KaTooM.
  6. black_n_blue_thumper

    Anaheim 1 SX 2010 Predictions, Discussion and Results *SPOILERS*

    450's 1. The Man 22:banana: 2. 7 3. 2 4. 33 5. 5
  7. black_n_blue_thumper

    Has anyone bought a UFO plastics kit for their 09?

    Those are seperate on the 09's. Polisport is one of the only companies I know of making them. Try Rocky Mountain MC ,they carry Polisport. I have the black ones on my 09.
  8. black_n_blue_thumper

    Cowley, Wyoming

    We have been thinking of hittin up Red Lake. I worked in Cody a few summers ago and never had time to ride. I have some buddies that ride it and say its great. We may have to plan a trip.
  9. black_n_blue_thumper

    Nat'l Enduro Round 2 video

    Awesome, Thanks for another sweet vid.
  10. black_n_blue_thumper

    New tat!!

    Pretty sure if he would have went a little lower you wouldnt have needed the "O". Just TH on one side and the R on the other. Then just bend over to complete the spelling.
  11. black_n_blue_thumper

    Has Mike Alessi proven himself?

    He's proven he is the only one who can consistantly hole shot Bubba. He has proven he is one of the few fast enough to lead a lap other than Bubba. He has proven to be pretty cool to me when I emailed him after his crash and got a return email the next day. All kids need to grow up, some do and some dont......he has. Good luck 800.
  12. black_n_blue_thumper

    Squid on Suzuki GSX-R

    Hahahahahaha.....that guy is a total tool bag. What a douche, nice burnout at the end dill rod. Little mans disease.
  13. black_n_blue_thumper

    Helmet Cam - assorted clips

    cool vid. Looks like alot of fun.
  14. black_n_blue_thumper

    enduro cross video

    Thanks for postin, I hadnt seen that sweet video yet. That was great.
  15. black_n_blue_thumper

    Pipsico Hare Scramble in Hi-Def

    damn it man, you make awesome vids. Thanks so much.