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  1. I like working on my bike just have a problem with my tools somehow growing legs and walking off
  2. i beleive the yz250f and yz250fx use the same cams should be the same motor just different tranys and the x has electric start i would try hot cams stage one cams you will get a decent power increase without hurting reliability also if you havent done this already put a pipe on your bike a slip on muffler will give you a power increase for about the same amount of money but you wont have to dig into your engine to install it.
  3. the faster bike is the one with the faster rider.
  4. if possible buy a modern 450 they are fast and easy to make into a bike via aftermarket parts and tuning to fit the type of riding you do
  5. over 150 hours of motocross racing on my original from the showroom oem equiped bike and still running strong as long as you dont suck dirt through your engine or over rev it all the time stock valves last a while
  6. depends on what type of riding you want to do
  7. i would keep it unless you have no veicle avalible to move your bikes. as far as pitbikes go dont wast your money.
  8. i would go with a 125 two strokes they are cheap to run and maintain and they are very good bikes to learn on if you really want a fourstroke i would go with a yamaha yz250f
  9. probly a good bike just check to make sure parts are easy to get if they are available then i would consider it
  10. im 6ft 210 pounds and i still ride a 250f its not bad but there are times i would like to have the power of a 450. i honestly would go to a 250f for a year or two then go to a 450.
  11. save up and buy from fmf better quality and i would rather give my money to a company who designes their own pipes not a company who steals someone elnses design.
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