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  1. I don't have a dyno that compares stock to my current setup, sorry to say. I ride mx exclusively and clean my filter after every ride, I ride predominantly on a sandy track, so yeah I take the risk. I guess i'll find out if I screwed up anything when I go in for a rebuild (hopefully) after this summer. The gains i've seen are mostly due to the ECU from Vortex, the bike felt snappier when I put the exhaust / K & N on there, but no real comparison to the ECU.
  2. Vortex ecu, full fmf 4.1 megabomb, K&N filter here. I reckon I've gained around 1.5 hp, the bike runs great for me and I definitely notice the change in engine characteristics. I'm not brave enough to go for the hi comp piston / cams, until I see a dyno that proves it's truly worth the effort and risk. I've not been able to see anything definitive.
  3. Cool, thanks. I don't have porting, compression, or intake so I imagine i'm close to the 38 range. I recently dumped a megabomb header and fmf 4.1 and it does feel a little snappier than the yoshi system did, but that could be all in my head Tuning my ECU has proven to be difficult. I hope it's one of those things that eventually "click" but it's hard for me to notice the difference when making small adjustments across the band. I should probably get the software that comes with the vortex but it's quite expensive.
  4. Have you tuned an rmz 250 with a vortex ecu / yoshi pipe? The shop guy who did my suspension told me i was "pushing 40hp" but I never got any definitive proof. Just curious as to how much of an impact the pipe / ecu has?
  5. well it's worth a shot on the jb weld, there are several threads on the subject, this post sums it up well.. I think you'll find you need to replace the case, but its worth a shot like I said.
  6. Can you take a picture of it and post? The fact that the previous owner had a helicoil put on it does not sound good.. How heavy is the leak?
  7. Looking forward to seeing a dyno
  8. Those are some impressive HP gains with new shafts and a ported head, vortex, etc.. I just wanted to see the dyno since i have most of the same parts (minus big bore, cam shafts, ported head) and am thinking about big bore.. As far as your question I would think that a 290 would kill a lot of top end, I'm curious does the top end ever feel flat on the yami 276?
  9. a 276 that produces 50 HP? Obligatory "lets see the dyno" post
  10. I would pass, considering those model years had issues with the transmission and shifting, I suspect the bike needs more work than a rebuilt engine.
  11. http://www.mxguy.com/downloads/service_manuals/2004_KX250F_Service-Manual.pdf I realize the manual is for a KX 250F but the KX and RMZ were identical in those days, save for the graphics of course
  12. 225 is well over what stock springs are designed for, that's probably your answer right there. Even if you "think" he hasn't bottomed out, I would argue that he did at some point and the reasoning for the seal breaking.
  13. My damper has helped me both on the trails and on the sandy MX track nearby. The bike simply wants to roll true and does not have that "jerky" reaction to rocks and sand like it used to. I've never tried the honda damper but my GPR v4 has been super nice, it gives me confidence through the rough sections.
  14. Good question. I ride on a lot of sand so I purchased a GPR V4 kit that mounts under the stock bars, raising the bar slightly overall. All of the changes I made to my bike i did at relatively the same time. The GPR is far superior to the Husky / KTM steering damper in my humble opinion. It sounds like you are mechanically inclined so if you feel comfortable working on it go for it. I don't have the tools or the proper space to do things like that so I had to fork over the dough to the pros haha. I will say that I have had a blown seal on the gold valve, i'm not sure if its common with Race Tech but it did happen to me. I ride with seal savers now, I recommend.
  15. I have a race tech gold valve setup and I love it. I weigh a lot more than you so I don't think posting my spring rates will do you any good. I used the race tech calculator but I'm not sure if my setup is exactly what the calculator said. The race tech authorized shop I went to tailored my ride for my riding style. If you have an authorized race tech shop near you, I suggest going there.