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  1. http://www.mxguy.com/downloads/service_manuals/2004_KX250F_Service-Manual.pdf I realize the manual is for a KX 250F but the KX and RMZ were identical in those days, save for the graphics of course
  2. 225 is well over what stock springs are designed for, that's probably your answer right there. Even if you "think" he hasn't bottomed out, I would argue that he did at some point and the reasoning for the seal breaking.
  3. My damper has helped me both on the trails and on the sandy MX track nearby. The bike simply wants to roll true and does not have that "jerky" reaction to rocks and sand like it used to. I've never tried the honda damper but my GPR v4 has been super nice, it gives me confidence through the rough sections.
  4. Good question. I ride on a lot of sand so I purchased a GPR V4 kit that mounts under the stock bars, raising the bar slightly overall. All of the changes I made to my bike i did at relatively the same time. The GPR is far superior to the Husky / KTM steering damper in my humble opinion. It sounds like you are mechanically inclined so if you feel comfortable working on it go for it. I don't have the tools or the proper space to do things like that so I had to fork over the dough to the pros haha. I will say that I have had a blown seal on the gold valve, i'm not sure if its common with Race Tech but it did happen to me. I ride with seal savers now, I recommend.
  5. I have a race tech gold valve setup and I love it. I weigh a lot more than you so I don't think posting my spring rates will do you any good. I used the race tech calculator but I'm not sure if my setup is exactly what the calculator said. The race tech authorized shop I went to tailored my ride for my riding style. If you have an authorized race tech shop near you, I suggest going there.
  6. I picked up a factory pro detent arm and spring and it feels better to me. I put a rekluse core 3.0 in mine so im not sure if i can compare to you.. but mine has some issue sometimes going from 1st to 2nd when riding, it will shift to neutral instead of 2nd.... Sometimes i start off in 2nd to make it easier. Edit: i should clarify that I used a different kind of oil when experiencing the shift issue, i switched back to motul 300v but haven't been out to ride and test.
  7. Tried using a fuel cleaner? Something like this? https://www.motosport.com/red-line-complete-fuel-system-cleaner
  8. I still enjoy my '15 250 with the showa SFF suspension. Air forks are just not my thing, and being on the heavier side of a 250, the SFF does not feel harsh at all compared to what lighter riders say. For 19 i think Suzuki should try to increase the top end HP, it's clearly the big factor in all of the reviews out there. Obviously every rider does not live in the 13,000 rpm range, but the reviews feel very much catered to the riders who do live in that range. The weight issue is really a non factor imo, my bike feels super light on the track and I start to wonder if stability will become an issue with other brands trimming weight every year. My Wishlist alter engine porting for ~2+ hp gains while keeping the snappy characteristic suzuki is known for go back to spring forks, SFF or KYB (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE) copy the 450 weight savings (plastic tank) My '15 is modified pretty heavily with exception of a big bore kit, so i'm really in no rush to buy a new 250.
  9. Motul 300v is what Suzuki recommends and I have no complaints.
  10. I love my 2015 Suzi rmz250, i've heard the suspension is harsh for smaller riders. Luckily (or perhaps unlucky ) i'm an older, bigger rider. The handling, engine, and suspension are all great. Granted, I got my suspension done by Race Tech. The newer models have air forks, I've never riding one so no feedback there. I had a Yamaha 450 for a while but the ride felt really awkward to me with the reverse cylinder head, I never felt "planted" on the track if that makes sense. I traded it in for a Husky 350 and loving the electric start, handling, etc. Suzi for the track, Husky for the trails!
  11. I've had both yamaha and suzuki and I chose suzuki. The moto testers of the world like to give suzuki a hard time for things like over-rev, dyno charts, and curb weight... but I honestly didn't notice. My Suzy handles amazing and has more than enough power. It's definitely the rider and not the bike, especially at a C level. Check out this kid Ezra Lewis, rides bone stock 2016 RMZ 250s and absolutely rails. Make your own choice, don't listen to the moto testers imho.
  12. someones ass is hurt that Tomac is the points leader that is true..
  13. His thunder valley crash in '15 was gnarly as hell, i'm sure that left an impression on him to race smart.
  14. Hey all, So about 3 years ago I decided to purchase a 2015 rmz250. I knew there weren't any changes from 14 and the bike was overall the same for years before that, minus the ecu and kickback issue from 2013. I figured the '16 model would be changed and sure enough they made ~80 changes to engine and went to air forks. Change isn't always better so I decided to go with the '15 model. I've made quite a few modifications. Yoshi RS-4 Vortex ECU Factory Pro Detent arm Race Tech gold valve suspension Bike runs great, starts almost instantly every time (also a fan of the hot start lever ) and turns like a dream. Any riders out there with experience on both models? Are the engine changes noticeable? Do you enjoy the air fork? Does she turn on a dime still? I am thinking about picking up another 250 and wondering if I should wait for the 2019 model, hoping it matches the changes to the '18 450. I've heard mixed reviews on the 16-17 rmz250 and looking for your guys opinion.