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  1. speersie

    WR250x speedo issue

    Known issue. Early models had this issue when the battery got flat. There is no coming back from it now. Either replace the speedo which is expensive or reduce the speedo input down with a speedo healer or speedo drd from 12 o'clock labs. They will get the signal and reduce it by a percentage to put it back in range.
  2. speersie

    '15 WR250R temporary power loss South Fork,

    To be honest that was my only thought. Can't say I've seen it, heard it on here, the WR forum nor on the Facebook group. Other than caused by the FMF programmer.
  3. speersie

    '15 WR250R temporary power loss South Fork,

    Do you have any mods? In particular do you run an FMF fuel programmer?
  4. speersie

    WR250R Turn Signals Not Flashing

    Check you fuses. Then you could put a voltage on each to test them. Cone things a blown globe may stop them working. Or if LED check to see if their are load resistors to adjust the flasher rate. And if you need to find the flasher it's located near the battery.
  5. Yeah got mine new last year. Just ride it. Don't keep at the same RPM vary the throttle. The ride home will be longer but your bike will thank you. My first ride was about an hour and a half from the dealer. Our bikes are a little different to most bikes because of the low service intervals. Keep the warranty by getting the dealer to service it for the first few services and at least in Australia we get a 2 year warranty. There are plenty of good mods around for these bike have a look at http://wr250rforum.forumotion.com Best bang in order is regearing. 13/48 is popular. Don't go 12 in the front plenty of people learned that for us already Fuel programmer. Personally PCV with fuel and ignition is great motomummy have the best deal online approx $280. This really livens the bike up. An exhaust of your choice. Open up the airbox. Shouldn't be done without a programmer. Most of all enjoy it. They are a great bike.
  6. speersie

    2011 Wr250r - NO START

    Any luck getting it going?
  7. speersie

    wr250r wheelies

    Replied in the gearing thread
  8. speersie

    Wr 250r

    Spend a little extra and get the Power Commander PCV with fuel and ignition. It's $280 from motomummy and a far better fuel programmer. It can add and remove fuel every 250RPM. The FMF programmer can only add fuel and not as refined. This will liven up the bike and you can change the map as your mods are added. Best mods are regear to13/48, send suspension to Travis at go race suspension, airbox, remove AIS, high flow foam air filter, PCV, exhaust of your choice. You will spend a bit but it'll be a different bike and they can be done over time.
  9. speersie

    WR250R/X Gearing Information

    The most common gearing seems to be 13/48. I also know a few people that swap the 13 tooth for a 14 for longer highway rides. Then back to 13 for single track etc. Plus front sprockets are cheap and easy to change. Stay away from the evil 12 tooth. Plenty of people have learnt that lesson already. I'm yet to make the jump but it's on the to do list. Exhaust should be here soon
  10. speersie

    2011 Wr250r - NO START

    How's the air filter? Has anything tried to nest in there for the last few months? What mods if any does the bike have? Being a WR250R the valves should be ok but they are due to be checked at 27000 miles I think so getting closer could be worth a look. Also fuel pump issues aren't uncommon on other year not only the 2008. Did you drain the fuel or just top up the tank? Make sure you haven't kinked the fuel line putting the tank back on. If it doesn't fold out of the way it can get kinked. Could have skipped a few teeth on the timing. Not common but not unheard of.
  11. speersie

    2014 wr250r fuel programing

    Come check out this forum dedicated to the WR250R. I'll link to the fuel programmer section. http://wr250rforum.forumotion.com/f28-pipes-n-programmers Here are some links on the PCV http://wr250rforum.forumotion.com/t11041-power-commander-fuel-only-vs-fuel-and-ignition http://wr250rforum.forumotion.com/t11192-pcv-fuel-ignition-fuel-map-to-share
  12. speersie

    2014 wr250r fuel programing

    You most certainly can. I have done just that and would recommend the Power Commander PCV. Yeah it's pricey compared to the basic FMF power programmer but they are almost as different as the WR250R & WR250F. The PCV can add and remove fuel. It can also make changes every 250 RPM. The FMF programmer works well by all accounts but can only add fuel and at three lace low, mid, high RPM. There are a lot of people that rebadge this programmer and they are all the same. It has a few small flaws but is about $200-220. I would suggest buying the PCV with fuel and ignition. It's only $20 or so more than the fuel only PCV model. You can adjust the timing if you wish or like I have at the moment leave the tables blank. It will cost you about $280 but the recommended retail is closer to $380. I got mine from motomummy as it offered the best deal by far. I personally saw all the possibilities and the add ons like auto tube and the overwhelming feedback of others with this controller. It woke the bike up and makes it both pull and lug better. Changes the bike and removes the low RPM jerkiness.
  13. speersie

    Throttle stop?

    I wonder if you could adjust the rev limiter. Just a thought don't know if it's possible.
  14. speersie

    Aprilia RS 250 2002

    Great two stroke road bike
  15. speersie

    Aprilia RS 250 (2002)


    Great two stroke road bike