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  1. vossman23

    New to me 96 KDX200

    Looks nice and clean. How did it run after?
  2. vossman23

    06 Crf450r possible internal crack

    Sorry you got hosed on this. Talk to the guy you got it from.
  3. vossman23

    98 cr125 stripped oil screw threads HELP

    It works great. Got one on Ebay for $99, check there may save you a few $$.
  4. Thx, parts looks really good.
  5. Jace, what mag cleaner? Did you use the one that etches the aluminum?
  6. Actually that’s good cause you can skip through the 90 minutes of crap and just watch the racing.
  7. Nothing will be mentioned from last weeks lime booboo right?
  8. Scrape off the big stuff like Punch said, sand with 400 then heat gun, continue with 600, 800 and 1000 then polish. There are a lot of videos out there.
  9. vossman23

    Thumpertalk member went missing with my bike

    You gave him a few chances to make it right so I hope he does and you get your ride back.
  10. vossman23

    I-405 tolls

    Sad but I fear you speak the truth. Your fellow citizens should be as angry as you are but either apathy or ignorance will prevail. Sorry my friend.
  11. vossman23

    I-405 tolls

    If that's not blatant fraud I don't know what is.
  12. vossman23

    Blind bearing puller?

    I did this the other day with a KDX motor. Took less than 5 minutes.
  13. vossman23

    Swingarm Refinishing?

    I was thinking somethink like silver VHT Caliper paint, about $10 a can. I tried emailing ColorRite 2 weeks ago to ask the same question but never got a reply. They sell different colors of silver frame paint for each OEM but I'm not sure if they would match, those are about $20 a can. Im still deciding what to do with my Kawasaki swingarm. Please let me know what you decide to do.
  14. vossman23

    te250i knocking under heavy load

    Take a look at the insides for sure.