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    Currently have a non running 2002 RM 250 project.
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    2002 rm250 no spark problem

    Thank you 78SuzyQ, I appreciate your help and the link to the manual. Even though this is a 07 manual and I have the 02, it seems to be very similar with regards to the plugs, so this is definitely useful! Using this, I can confirm that the Stater Plug is wired appropriately, both on the stater side and the wiring harness. Similarly, I can confirm the Ignition Coil and associated harness connection. From the diagram on page 162 and some measurements i can confirm the Throttle Position Sensor and associated harness connector. The Carburetor Solenoid I am not 100% sure of, but I will match the wire orientation from the Solenoid to the harness. My greatest concern is that I have no information with regards to the wire positions on the CDI side of the harness. I can see that I have similar wire colors, but need a reference (picture from 02 CDI Plug on the wire side) in order to confirm that the positions of the specific wires. I have tried to look at every listing on Ebay to see if there are pictures I can use to determine the wire positions at the plug, but none seem to show this detail. Anyone out there willing to share a picture of their 02 RM250 wire harness at the cdi side? Thanks again for the help!
  2. ALR2014

    2002 rm250 no spark problem

    I have a similar situation. Realize this post was quite some time ago, but any chance you got an answer to this?
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    Suzuki RM250 2002

    A project
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    Suzuki RM250 (2002)


    A project