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  1. two

    Just ordered wheels from FactoryProRacing

    No, thats a different company. www.factoryproracing.com is kirk
  2. two

    Just ordered wheels from FactoryProRacing

    Two sets so far, both were perfect. Great customer service.
  3. Kevin, I hope you see this. This is Pat Mooney in Florida. Josh and I have read this whole thing. I won't share anything with these people just yet. You need to make this right. Everybody here should know about the bike and we expect something in the mail in the next two days. You have Josh's phone #. In case you don't have mine 352 455 1692.
  4. I did pull that out already. I'll def cut those pieces out though.
  5. Thanks, I'll take a look. Some of the dirttrackers run a K&N pod, wonder how that is to get dialed in?
  6. What are you guys doing to open up the airbox with that big ass battery in the way (without removing the battery smartass, before you say it). On my wr426 it was easy w' no battery. Set up as a supermoto so water and dirt aren't a problem. I'm going to get a K&N for it to start. Any experience?
  7. I forsee twins or multis long before seeing any kind of forced induction. A 250f twin would make more power than the single for sure. Then it's just a case of power delivery and weight.
  8. two

    Best place to buy SM wheels?

    www.factoryproracing.com has better prices and service from my experience. Kirk owns it and answers the phone. I checked everyone out before I bought.
  9. What was the problem anyway?
  10. Cam timing is not the problem, I know how to time an engine. I'll play with it and see what happens.
  11. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=401894&highlight=yz+starting Ok I found this thread. I'm thinking my camchain might be a tad tight. I just let the spring pop back by itself to do the tensioning but maybe it went a click to far. Bike is a little harder to kick also. Not compression wise, but motor feels like it's in a little bit of a bind when trying to kick.
  12. Just put Yz cams in my 05 wr450. Runs out up top great now but... starter sure has a hard time if motor is coming up on compression. Have to kick it through a little to open a valve so it will start off the button. Nature of the yz valve events??
  13. two

    which make 250f

    For what it's worth, everyone that's been on the 07 suzook said it is an amazing bike, best of all the 250f's. I haven't ridden on though, sorry..
  14. Why do you want another brands wheel on there? Same price for them all anyway. Are you trying to find sportbike wheels?