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  1. FlamingRadar

    Wossner Pistons Wossner Piston

  2. FlamingRadar

    Hardline Hour/Tach Meter

  3. FlamingRadar

    What colour KX125 frame?

    Thanks for the advice, I'll probably leave the swing arm and just do the frame, subframe and triple clamps in black.
  4. FlamingRadar

    What colour KX125 frame?

    I'm in the process of rebuilding my 07 kx125 and one of the things that I'm planing on doing is powder coating the frame, as well as getting new graphics, I attached a picture of a KX250f with the graphics kit that I'll probably be getting. So knowing what the graphics will be looking like what colour do you think I should get my frame powder coated? Then what other parts should I get powder coated/anodized aswell? I was thinking of also doing my subframe, swingarm, triple clamps, and possibly the hubs, is there anything that I should know when getting them done (other than covering parts that I don't want the coating to get onto)? Thanks in advance!
  5. FlamingRadar

    125 vs 250 2t

    The 125 will make you a faster and more aggressive rider.
  6. FlamingRadar

    Should i buy a kx100 or a kx85

    I'd go for the 100 as it's a newer bike and it will last you a lot longer.
  7. The KDX200 is a really good bike.
  8. Maybe something like a KTM200 since you are doing trails/enduro.
  9. FlamingRadar

    125TS or 250F for enduro use

    A kdx200 might be good.
  10. FlamingRadar

    Help me choose a bike.

    This thread died almost a year ago...
  11. FlamingRadar

    kx250f vs Banshee

    I'd personally go for a dirt bike over a quad for it's size (easier to load/unload and can fit in smaller spaces) and it also does less damage to the trails.
  12. FlamingRadar

    06 CRF250R vs 09 YZ250F vs 11 RMZ250

    I'd go for the RMZ as it's the youngest.
  13. FlamingRadar

    KDX200 vs DT200?

    I thought that the 94's had inverted forks?
  14. That's quite a big jump that you're wanting to do.