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  1. Thorina

    What is the most absorbant Tampon?

    The one you have when you need it.
  2. Thorina

    What is the most absorbant Tampon?

    I LOVE playing hockey. It's violent like desert racing.
  3. Thorina

    What is the most absorbant Tampon?

    I miss being able to ride either a street bike or my dirtbike right out of my driveway off to where I wanted to do. Here we have to trailer our bikes 45 minutes away to ride in what I consider a crappy place to ride. But, admittedly...I was spoiled for a long time with totally cool places to ride. I am not super keen to riding street here in the land of oblivious people. I actually want to do PT to feel better and lose weight, etc...but actually to get back into playing hockey. I played 2 seasons here before I screwed up my Achilles. I really like playing hockey and can do it way more often than I can ride.
  4. Thorina

    What is the most absorbant Tampon?

    Doing good. Moved to the Bay Area almost 6 years ago after my mother had a stroke. I don't ride much, but usually when I do, it's vintage. I tore my Achilles again 3 years ago. Kinda took me out. I got fat and out of shape and remarkably old over those 3 years. LOL Getting ready to go do some intense physical therapy for my neck and leg. Remember when I got run over by a quad in a race? Yeah....looong time ago....found out fairly recently that I fractured a vertebrae in my neck. We have 2 big black dogs now, too.
  5. Thorina

    What is the most absorbant Tampon?

    By the way....for those that have not been around for a long time, I originally started a half dozen threads one morning because there was a guy that like wouldn't stay out of this forum with his opinions on what all of us women should be doing and riding, etc. He often gave some of the stupidest advice imaginable, most of it just plain wrong for a beginner or smaller women, etc. So....I decided to see just how far he *thought* his "expert" advice to women went.
  6. Thorina

    What is the most absorbant Tampon?

    Here....I'll bring it up again. BTW....I have 1 grandson now and just found out I will be a grandmother again end of year/beginning of next. I'll make the *rest* of you long time gals here feel old, too...."Baby Sprocket" is 11 1/2 and wears a training bra. Maybe if I just let her read this thread....I won't have to have "the talk" with her. Ya know....about proper riding *gear*.
  7. Thorina

    A Baby Thumpette's First Race..

    "Baby Sprocket" (now 10) likes horses, not motorcycles. I almost feel that this is genetically impossible....maybe she was switched at birth. Love seeing little girls ride! It's too cool. Any kind of sports for girls is great for their over all self image. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: (motorsports makes it even better, IMO)
  8. Thorina

    Rode Kennedy Meadows

    I really miss living in SoCal when I see things like this. I used to be able to ride out my driveway....now we get to trailer the bikes 45 min away to one of the crappiest places I've ever ridden. Welcome to the land of eco-nazis and Coexist.
  9. He'da never caught me if I hadn't slowed down. I *was* old enough to know better than to try to run. So there. ...that reminds me, when I go through that bike, I prolly better fix the speedo.
  10. I am 47, been driving legally since 15 1/2. I've been at fault for 2 accidents, one at 16 in a parkinglot and one 3ish years ago...rear ended an Asian woman in a minivan while *she* was on the phone. (I live in the Bay Area, that is irony) I've had dozens of speeding tickets, several wreckless driving due to excessive speed, and a couple for driving on suspended license due to too many speeding tickets or FTA....for speeding tickets. My last ticket was almost 2 years ago....86 in a 65. The best one I every got out of was several years ago. Got clocked doing 130ish in a 55 on my Ninja in the middle of the night out in the middle of basically no where. Once the cop caught up to me and I took my helmet off....he just started screaming at me like he was going to have an annurism right then and there and told me ....aren't you old enough to know better by now? Stomped back to his car and flipped a u turn and kinda splattered me with gravel peeling out. I'll take a little roost over a mondo ticket and potential jail time. He was so pissed.
  11. Thorina

    1st Vintage Dirtbike Restoration Help

    Hi, Kid. I am Wenzel's girlfriend, Janette aka Thorina. He has taken an interest in your project. He spent much of the weekend discussing what would and wouldn't be good starting projects for you to embark upon. Al is very well known within the vintage motorcycling community. He doesn't make this offer often. I am answering, mainly because in this day and age, a grown man just cannot invite a 13 year old boy to "come look at motorcycles" from a message board on the internet. Sad, but true. He would like to extend more help than just a brief message on a message board trying to down play the nay sayers. It gets exhausting. We are in the East Bay Area. I would like to extend an invite to you and one or both of your parents to come and take a look and discuss the ins and outs of various motorcycles that you could restore. We may or may not have something available that you'd be interested in. Looking at a bunch of them while a knowledgable person tells you the ins and outs of restoring that particular bike. If you are interested in getting some in-depth knowledge and experience for your project, please PM me with your number, or PM me and I'll give you my number. I need to talk to your parents first. peace, janette
  12. Thorina

    Pics of your bikes

    My winter project: She runs, but i am doing a near tear down....painting the frame, etc. Should be ready to race by the beginning of the year. This is my current ride:
  13. Thorina

    Any Sidehackers out there?

    Second the year I went.
  14. Thorina

    Any Sidehackers out there?

    Yes, you are correct. It'll cost more than $300 for this sort of fun: If you're ever interested in building a real one....give a shout.