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  1. Honard

    Riding Husky SM610 in dirt??

    WOW, Woodschick what size is that front tire? Holy cow that looks like a lot of mass to move on the trails.
  2. Honard

    Husqvarna Reveals The Smq

    Now this, I would buy
  3. Honard

    Husqvarna Reveals The Smq

    Ride, We are pioneering new designs here aren't we! Heck I bet the seat is really a fuel bladder. I did it again. I looked at the picture. Please someone clean up this mess and take it away, I can't get any work done.
  4. Honard

    Husqvarna Reveals The Smq

    This thing is a train wreck. I left for a few minutes and toured Husky's new website. And then I couldn't help myself, I had to come back and see if this thing is as ugly as I remembered. OMG, I am friggin laughin' my butt off at this thing. "100 percent an Italian design product" HA HA HA HA OK, now can we all agree the Husky's we are all riding now are beautiful Italian designs. And so are the MV Agustas, Ducaties (love the Hypermotard). But are you kidding me. This thing is a design joke. Look at that hideous light/fairing/number plate on the front. No doubt, this is BMW's attempt at a sexy motorcycle. I am crying over here. I can't believe this is for real.
  5. Honard

    Husqvarna Reveals The Smq

    You're dead on! Uggly. Yep. I'd have to say that what we are witnessing is a bunch of German engineers trying to play the role of Italian designers. What a mess!!
  6. Honard

    2009 310 Review

    My Dirt Rider subscription is up next month, and I have to agree with all that I have heard. Really when it comes down to it, the best reviews are found here in the forums. You have to wade through all the fanboy speak, but I find most of the EXPERIENCED riders give a pretty good assessment of the bikes they are riding, the good the bad and the ugly.
  7. Went through this in March with my TE250. It was in great shape. My Husky dealer offered $3500 for it. I listed it on Craig's list and sold it for $5k. As far as aftermarket parts go. Take 'em all off, you will not get a nickle more for them on the bike. Sell the aftermarket parts on Ebay or Craig's list (I did this with my DRZ - sold it for $3k and got another $1k for the pipe, carb, etc). As stated by everyone else, our economy sucks now. Everyone who was buying toys by refinancing their homes 3 years ago is out of the market, or trying to sell all the crap that they bought. Dealers are having one heck of a time selling new bikes. The reality is that this is a terrible time to sell a used dirt bike. As good as Husky's are, they are not widely known. I found this out while trying to sell the TE250. "Is it like a Yamaha XT225?" "I think this would be a good bike for my RV, my wife can ride it around the RV campsite". People are just plain clueless about a Husky. Goodluck.
  8. My local dealer and Motoxotica confirmed that Husky is able to ship bikes to California again. Looks like BMW was able to get the CARB certification mess straightened out. Both dealers have 2008 bikes on the way. Nothing on the 2009 models yet.
  9. Thanks George, I'll run it in later this week.
  10. This weekend I pulled the fuel pump out of my IMS tank to trouble shoot the problem. Before looking at the pump, I tested the voltage on the leads serving the fuel pump. 2 Blue (-) wires and 1 Green/Red wire (power to fuel pump), 1 White/yellow (low fuel indicator). I had 12+/- volts on the Green/Red wire and Blue. So I know there is power to the fuel pump, so that rules out blown fuses (couldn't find any) or bad relay. (I did not check the voltage on the low fuel indicator wire.) Pump: My low fuel indicator has not worked for sometime. I noticed that the + wire connected to the indicator sensor was broken. This is very narrow guage wire, extremely delicate and may explain why so many people aren't getting a low fuel warning. I checked all connectors to the pump/motor, all were secure. I removed the power and negative leads to the pump/motor and hooked alligator clips to it, then connected the pump to the battery. Nothing! My pump/motor is shot. I am not very interested in purchasing a new $700 fuel pump assembly and will try to find a source for the pump/motor. I called Sherco, it looks like they use a similar fuel pump system in their Enduro/Supermoto bikes, however the numbers on the pump/motor differ from that on my Husky. Additionally the pump/motor doesn't list the manufacturer, just "Made in Czech" with some numbers. The fuel pump assembly says BITRUN (or BITRON) on the base. The failure of the pump was odd. I rode about 80 miles that morning on single track, asphalt roads and mountain trails. There was no indication that I was having a fuel delivery problem at any time until the bike just quit. No intermittant power, no surging, nothing. Ran strong as could be then waaaaaaaaa. stop. Just like when you forget to turn on the petock. I'll let you know what I find. If anyone has suggestions on sourcing the pump/motor I would appreciate your suggestions. I have talked to Ryan at Sherco, he has been a great help, but he doesn't know much more about sourcing the pump/motor than I.
  11. Honard

    The Germans have landed!!

    Well I sat on one tonight. Not much to say other than my dealer is letting me take it out on Tuesday for the 2 hour break in period. I'll report back on how it compares to my 2008 Husq TE510 (w/powerup kit). Greg, the stock pipe is right up there in size with our stock Husky pipes. Glad we have the Arrow pipes as an alternative!
  12. Honard

    October issue of Dirt Bike

    Sat on one today.
  13. Exactly correct. No pump priming, that's why I knew it was the pump. I will start with a continuity check this evening. Hopefully I can troubleshoot the problem and fix it myself. I hate to imagine how long it will take to get a new fuel pump from Husky if it is bad.
  14. On Saturday a buddy and I went riding up in the Sierras. 30 miles from my truck, the bike died. Culprit - fuel pump wouldn't work. Boy am I glad I brought a tow strap. My buddy's poor DRZ drug 200 lbs of me, my TE510 and him up and down 30 miles of mountain trails, forest service roads and black top to my truck. I haven't had a chance to dig into it to find out what went wrong, but the fuses were all OK (obvious) and the wiring connection from at the tank was good. Any ideas?