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  1. 05WhyZ250F

    Is a 2004 yz250f simular to a 2008 yz250f?

    small minor changes to the motor... same basic motor tho... chassis and suspension are completely different tho.
  2. 05WhyZ250F

    Cant find these graphics!!!

    i kno how you feel i liked the old accelerator graphics by factory effex i believe but they're nowhere to be found these days
  3. 05WhyZ250F

    My 2005 wr,new from the crate in January

    looks good man wish my 05 still looked that nice
  4. well i was home for thanksgiving (go to college over 3 hours) and it was the last open practice and i hadn't rode in over a month so i did something stupid. The pinch bolt on my chain tensioner(the one that goes against the swingarm) got stripped no thanks to me using shitty tools in cold weather. Well i eventually just ended up making chain adjustments with the bolt holds the axle block. Pulled it back too far and ended up tightening it against the stripped bolt that i cudnt get to budge. now im starting to wonder if i stripped the threading inside the swingarm, hopefully not but idk. feel like a retarded but i had to ride it just got in me
  5. whats up guys been a while since i have been on the boards. any way i have to write a 5 min informative speech on motocross. i have the introduction written and the history of motocross. I know i want to talk about racing and describe it, and im also gunna write about fmx. I was just wondering if anyone can think of an aspects of the sport in specific to write about .. im stumped lol
  6. 05WhyZ250F

    Do You Ride W/ A Cup??

    no, just doesnt seem like it would work out too well
  7. 05WhyZ250F

    Wall insulation for packing?

    haha this reminds of a story i read about this guy that raced on a budget and he did his topend with crisco oil and used insulation as packing... he said it smelt like he was baking than his "packing" caught fire and ended up ruining his silencer. if only i could find this story i read it years ago tho... taking the easy way out, isn't always the best idea when it comes to motocross.
  8. yea i feel ya i need a new truck (well used but you get the idea) and im a sophmore in college. hopefully by the time i have the money saved for a new bike there will be some nice technology like new fuel injected yzf's or fuel injected two strokes
  9. Just curious to know who's still riding and or racing some of the older yz250fs.. i know im racing my 05 this year, and ill prolly be on it again in 2010.
  10. 05WhyZ250F

    R.i. Mass. Conn. Woods Riders.

    i go to school in providence currently living in a dorm, but next year when i get my house ill be bringing my dirtbike up there. is there a lot of places to ride?
  11. 05WhyZ250F

    MotoTown USA

    im going tomorrow, im excited
  12. 05WhyZ250F

    YZ 250f trouble shooting

    use the hot start when u dump the bike... you may want to invest in either a new decompression cable or an auto decompression exhaust cam.
  13. 05WhyZ250F

    Fork Seal Service cost

    i paid 160 for my new dust and oil seals along with new fork oil at the dealership. total rip off but i dont know jack about suspension so... it was only like $45 in parts tho. if u can do it yourself save the money
  14. 05WhyZ250F

    whats going on with the yz 150f

    doubt it will happen any time soon, i was wishing they made one when i was 14 many years ago
  15. 05WhyZ250F

    Graphics for 03-05 yz250f's

    wow im really digging that whats the name of that kit, did it come with the airbox decals or not?