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  1. Kansas

    Ride. Sunday. School Creek ORV park.
  2. Anyone from Kansas, or KC area, join a few of us for a ride Sunday at School Creek ORV park near Junction City, Ks. Look for a junky looking red utility trailer with cedar side boards.
  3. Kansas

    I'm thinking School Creek this coming Sat or Sun.
  4. That would be okay with me, as long as it is primarily videos, and about "everyday" people doing it for the fun factor.
  5. There are 2 ORV parks on Tuttle Creek Reservoir outside Manhattan, and School Creek ORV on lake Milford just outside Junction City, Ks. A LONG drive from St. Louis. I think School Creek is probably the best all around riding area in Kansas. No I havent been to those places in Ark and Mo. I know where Chadwick is and would like to ride there. Are those other places in northern Ark? We have relatives there and I have ridden on private land close to Hardy, Ark many years past.
  6. Same here. Unless they are the very frequently used, simple ones, please spell them out.
  7. It is different in every state. In Kansas you don't have to have anything to ride off road, except I think the public areas require a helmet.
  8. Oops. This should have been with my post above.
  9. YEP, there is a lot about Moab to write about! But it is time to broaden the discussion. How about posting some stuff about Chadwick and other places you ride.
  10. I didn't say it wasn't.
  11. I have used dual sport tires, which were similar to trials tires. They are better on the solid rock, but overall I prefer dirt tires, especially in the sand, LOL, which is almost everywhere there isn't rock.
  12. I believe that Poision Spider Arch video is several years old. I have seen it before. It definitely wasn't taken by anyone in our group. Edit. I checked YouTube. It is 6 yeats old. The fence was put up after that was taken.
  13. 09 Honda CRF 150rb,  08 Honda CRF 230L

  14. I just want to reinforce what jsned250 said. I first saw Moab 12 years ago during the week on a day in May. At the last minute we decided to jump off I-70 and check it out. I had heard about their Easter Jeep Jamboree. It was a pleasant, sleepy looking place with some interesting shops. It ain't the same place now, and is quickly becoming similar to Telluride, Colorado. It does slow down, and prices go down in November, and the weather is doable. Later February and early March is also doable if you layer your clothing. And heck, if you are used to high humidity, even the summer is doable, but take PLENTY of water.
  15. And if you are into dual sport riding the area really expands. I think I mentioned the La Sal mountains earlier, and there is adjoining Castle Valley, Onion Creek, Fisher Valley, and other roads east all the way to Gateway, Colorado. Also, NE of Rose Garden Hill is Top of the World trail which has breath taking views.