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  1. A really freaky thing to happen. Sounds like one of those 1 in a million situations. I have never used one, and am not familiar enough with those covers to know if it would have helped. I knew a couple who lived in that area several years ago and had a 4x4 they used there. They really enjoyed it, but said you need to be careful of bears.
  2. Your "Highlights" video is an excelent cross section of Moab riding.
  3. It was a long drive but riding the likes of I'll not soon forget. I came from the rain forests of BC and ended up in Mars Utah, was awesome. I got interrupted when writing the above and forgot to mention that Pibull also has some excellent videos. He can fill you in on how to access them. Off hand, I can't remember. He rides some REALLY gnarly trails. I haven't ridden there, but have vacationed there. It also is beautiful country. Even more lush and green than the Colorado Rockies.
  4. That is a long drive, but guys have come from the East coast. Last year Pitbull came down from British Columbia, Canada and rode with us at Moab, Utah, but that isn't as far as you would have to drive. Several guys from Ohio, Indiana and Illinois went out in April. Huskydog14 goes out twice per year. LOL, he is really addicted! But he also has relatives to visit while there. It is a long drive, but epic riding And scenery. If you haven't located it yet, dmac1 has some excelent videos of the Moab area, and Colorado Rockies. On YouTube go to "adv-dmac".
  5. Welcome! Good riding places in Kansas are also pretty sparse. At least you have mountains. LOL Most of our hills for riding are man made.
  6. Welcome! You have many years ahead of you. I had a similar experience going from street to dirt. Then almost a 30 year "vacation" from bikes. Got back into them at 68 years of age. Will be 77 next month and still riding.
  7. On some of the cooler days I have been cutting some new paths through the trees on my mini scrambles track. Is now some half decent riding for only being 3 acres. Rigged up my compact Canon Elph camera to an old helmet today and made a video, but evidently my file type is not compatible with T.T., so can't upload it here. For the most part my bikes are getting bored sitting in the shop
  8. Kansas

    PG, hope you are enjoying the weather up north. It hasn't been too bad here yet. Only couple of days of 100 degree. Yokomo, looks like you are doing well on the trials bike. Enjoyed the videos. Got a new compact Canon Elph camera to take on an Alaska cruise and tour later this month. Today I Jerry rigged the new camera to my old helmet and made a short video on part of my mini scrambles track. My first video. Need to make a slight adjustment to raise the camera a bit. I made some new trails through the trees and have a decent little track now. When I get the camera mount adjusted, will video the whole track. Evidently my file type will not upload here. Guess you won't get to see my first great video!
  9. Kansas

    a long dry spell on this thread. is anyone riding? Kim, did you and David ever get down to Stillwater? yokomo, how about some video on your trials bike? The only riding I have done since School Creek in April is on my 3 acre mini scrambles track. That gets boring real quick. Hope to make it back to Colorado in September. Bikes are getting bored sitting in the shop.
  10. A real bummer! what is the damage? With the heat in Kansas I am only getting in some short rides, mainly around my 3 acre mini track. Where I live it is a 2 hour drive to any decent off road riding. The bikes are getting lonely sitting in the garage.
  11. Can't tell what size engines they got, but definitely got ground clearance!
  12. Right now Rico area is closed, but if it opens up for your trip, Kurt and I will ride with you. Send me a PM as we get closer. Mary, I have tried to send you a PM a couple of times, but they would not go through.
  13. Thanks for posting that. I had heard it was originally created for motorcycles. I almost bought one of those Honda trail 90s in 1970, but didn't like the large luggage rack on the back, and that it looked like a moped. Decided to get a Suzuki 90 dual range transmission trail bike instead. A spunky little bike, but rode like a pogo stick. In 1971 traded that for a Suzuki TS 125 Duster Enduro and made my first trip to Silverton, Colorado. That cemented my relationship with trail riding for sure! I didn't want to get off topic, but was also hoping Mary (Buttegal) and Curt were not being effected by the fire near Durango. Tried to PM her, but for some reason it wouldn't go through. I heard they had stopped the riding in National Forests due to fire danger. Hope that is lifted by September. I finally got away from playing nurse maid and rode the minitrails by my shop. That sure felt good! Also added a couple of new loops through the trees.
  14. From the looks of the terrain, it looks like there could be some really great trails.
  15. Those were quality machines back in the day. Used to ride mine to the river to go fishing. It really took a beating. I think my first purchase was a pair of boots. Got tired of getting weed seeds and debris in my low top shoes.