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    Trail riding. Learned to ride a bicycle in 1948 and got hooked on 2 wheel vehicles.

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  1. Kansas

    AH! I like the "sir" part. I finally get some respect!
  2. Kansas

    You took both bikes, and the water in the lake is down.
  3. Kansas

    At this time the forecast for next weekend looks fair. Hopefully will have the bike together by then. Anyone go riding this weekend?
  4. Agree. Very nice bike, but my understanding is that Vintage does not have mono rear shock, inverted forks, etc.
  5. Kansas

    It wasn't meant for me to ride this weekend. Need to go out of town for a family situation, and they didnt have all the parts for my carburetor. Anyone have an extra accelerator pump diaphram for a Honda?
  6. Dorky is in the eye of the beholder. To me, some of todays riding gear looks like clown costumes.
  7. Kansas

    Launch at noon?
  8. Kansas

    Now you have a clue. RIDE!
  9. Kansas

    Hey gang! Temp at School creek is supposed to be 55 on Sat, and 60 on Sunday. My bike should be ready by then.
  10. Found it. They changed their address. suzukits.informe.com
  11. Oops. I just tried to Google them and nothing came up. I will try tomorrow to reach a guy in Denver who used to be one of their moderators, and ran a Suzuki shop in the 70s. I had forgotten about him.
  12. England is not the only option. Anyone who has the specs for testing the components, and basic test equipment can test them. I just remembered another option. Google, suzukits.com. they are a site dedicated to restoring and maintaining old Zukis. I haven't used them in about 3 years, but they used to be very active and helpful, and have tons of info on the old bikes.
  13. You are new on here, and need to realize there are guys on here who love to mess with people. I am now retired, but used to be a professional mechanic. You need to also realize you can get all kinds of bad advise on here. Some of it is well meaning, but not valid. There is something you are missing, and it may be something very simple. But without being there and seeing the situation, i cant think of any more advise to give that hasnt already been given. Sometimes it is quicker and less expensive to go to a professional. Good luck!
  14. There is an issue somewhere. If you not jacking us around on this "issue", I guess you will just have to take it to a professional.
  15. The wires can be connected, but may have breaks or corrosion inside the insulation, or at the wire connectors. Check the continuity of every wire, including the spark plug wire, with an ohmmeter. Otherwise, take it to a professional mechanic. There is something you are obviously missing.