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  1. I also have a 30" inseam. I have a Beta 300RR. Put the Seat Concepts low seat on it and can touch both feet nearly flat footed. Great bike and I feel that being able to do this helps us older slower guys. As I have gotten older my balance is not what it used to be in low speed situations and being able to dab a foot here and there is nice.
  2. CEW1970

    EnduroCross season finish-Championship

    I have Dish Network and Bein is channel 392. Plan on watching!! Thanks!
  3. CEW1970

    New bike

    The 2015's are not oil injected. They started that in either 16 or 17. I love the bike though and couldn't be happier. I should point out that I only get in a few rides per year because of work and kids. I just can't stand the thought of not having a dirt bike around. I have had one since I was 15. This is definitely my favorite out of all of them. I should also say that I am a slow rider and happy to be one.
  4. CEW1970

    New bike

    What part of NC are you from? I am near Winston Salem (20mins west) and have a stock 2015 30RR and would be willing to let You test it if You like. My first 2 stroke as well. I am 48 and 195 lbs. I came from riding 450's and hated them in the woods. These new 300's are sooo much easier to ride.
  5. I have the Beta 300RR. I could not be happier with a dirt bike and I just turned 48. It does everything well. I have no experience with KTM, but I am sure that it is a nice bike as well. With a budget of 8k you could possibly get a brand new Beta depending on the dealer, but I am not sure about the KTM.
  6. Do not be afraid of the 300 2st. They can be a handful if You whiskey throttle them, but so will the 450. I have the Beta 300RR. it is so smooth with the power valve adjusted to take out the hit. That is what makes it so easy to ride. Just turn the power valve adjustment to tune the hit where you like it. It truly does go from mild to wild and only takes a few seconds to adjust. They will also lug down low much better than the 450.
  7. CEW1970

    2017 beta 300rr race

    "Get a head for it or get the stocker cut down to proper squish clearance. That will raise the compression and increase bottom to mid power." You can do this or just cut Your loses and buy the Beta!
  8. CEW1970

    Plating the 300

    My 2015 RR already has a brake light and horn from factory. It also has turn signal wiring. All that I would need is the turn signal kit. I am not sure about the newer models, but would expect the same.
  9. CEW1970

    Plating the 300

    All of the wiring and controls should be there. They come from the factory with a headlight, tail light, horn and turn signal wiring. It should not be a problem to put a headlight back in it and turn signals bolt right on.
  10. CEW1970

    2017 beta 300rr race

    You REALLY need to take him up on that offer. That will answer all of Your questions in a short period of time. I have owned and ridden both close ratio and wide ratio bikes. Let me say that I am a slow rider though, but I despise a close ratio trans in the woods. They are fine if you are riding more open trails, but I prefer tighter woods riding. Where I live, a lot of times I just hit the woods where there are no trails and the 300rr works great. Nearly impossible to stall the thing in first. Hops over logs like a dream.
  11. CEW1970

    2017 beta 300rr race

    The Beta is a great machine for what you describe. With the wide ratio gear box slipping the clutch in first would not be needed very often. That may take some getting used to. I have never ridden either of the KTM's so I can't compare the two. If I could get a good deal on the Beta i would not hesitate. I was actually looking for an XC-W when I ran across a good deal on a slightly used Beta. After two minutes on the Beta I was hooked. It may have been the same if I had found a KTM, not sure as I found the Beta first and haven't looked back.
  12. Don't be afraid to try the new Beta 300. The vibes are not bad at all and it has oil injection, no need to premix. Single track all day long and no worries about overheating either.
  13. I am 5'10" tall with a 30" inseam and weigh 200 lbs. I put a low seat on my 2015 300RR and it works great. The Beta will run fine right out of the crate. You may need to adjust the float and possibly raise the needle just a bit, but there shouldn't be a need to re-jet in New Jersey. Unless you have more than a 32" inseam the Beta should be fine as far as being cramped. I think that there is only a slight difference in the KTM and Beta where "roominess" is concerned and would be more noticeable to an A level rider than a trail hack like me. I should say that I am a very slow rider though. I have never raced and just am not worried about speed any longer. I just enjoy getting in the woods once in a while and cruising around. I think that you would be happy with either of the 300's out there. Find a deal on one and pull the trigger. That is exactly what I did and couldn't be happier.
  14. CEW1970

    Vance & Hines Cruzers Exhaust System

    They sound good and perform better.
  15. CEW1970

    Polaris Ranger RZR XP 1000 2016

    The wife enjoys riding this around our property. It has a small bed in the back to throw tools and supplies in when I work on the roads or food plots, but still has the power and suspension to play as well.