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  1. LOCO

    Delivery Date for my KX450F O7

    Yes and sorry for my mistake it is an 06 and not 07 like this guy told me, stupidity caught him off guard, even yesterday he could not believe it that the bike was an 06. Anyway is a monster of a bike!!!
  2. LOCO

    Delivery Date for my KX450F O7

    Sorry yesterday I went to the track because I was told on saturday that they were going to bring the 450 so I went yesterday and nothing happened but the owner told me he was going to take it out of the box today, so by wednesday or friday i will be posting how it went.
  3. LOCO

    Delivery Date for my KX450F O7

    Thats weird better check your dealers because in Mexico 07 450´s are already out to the market, of course at USD $12,000!!!
  4. Anybody hear anything about the ´07 coming out to the floors, im desperate like never before!!! Sold my KTM 525EXC to go for the blue, but for a time ive been without a bike... Last week I was at Phoenix and ask about every dealer for them and some told me that they have some in there warehouses or storage facilities but they tell me that Yamaha wont let them out till they run out of ´06. Is this true??? Thanks...
  5. Hey Dave. First to give you thanks for your response. Second I do believe your comments and its been known that mexican gas is low in octane. Im on my way to buying that piston kit. Thanks once again for your help!!!
  6. I own a 2003 525 EXC and I have ride it just a bit like 10 times at most, my main concern is that by the 5th ride i had to change piston rings and now once again, but my mechanic is telling me I also need to change the piston with the rings. So anybody knows where is this problem coming from or what is causing this? Every single time I use this bike my mechanic does a full service so maybe you guys can give me a hand on this one. Also where can I buy this things(piston, rings, etc...). And around how much $ will I be paying for? Any stores recommended? THANKS.
  7. LOCO

    KX450F for desert riding???

    I have a doubt if the kx450f is going to work for me for desert(enduro) riding here in mexico I have a 525 Ktm Exc its fast but way to heavy im considering on switching to a 450 and one of my tougths is the KX only thing is that it has only 4 speed or gears what should I do??? Is ´07 going to have five speed??? Thanks!!!
  8. LOCO

    Antifreeze Leak???

    thanks a lot Jeb seems easy. gone to work on it...
  9. I have a 2003 525 EXC. And on the left top side of the motor it has like a small factory sideway drill hole and it seems that from there small amounts of anti-freeze are coming out of it. Does anybody knows what is that about, is it bad, can i fix it with a radiator sealer??? Any help or advice would be great!!! THX...
  10. Can somebody help I just broke the rear bearing this weekend, but here in Mexico its hard to find KTM stock parts, so my question is: are the bearings on the KTM brand KTM or are they another brand like SKF or like anyother??? Does it matter ther brand??? Is there a special measure for the rear and front?? My bike is a 2003 525 EXC. Will there be a problem if i put SKF bearings on it?? Last thing I broke the rear probably jumping but the highest I got to jump was about 8 feet high, aren´t this bikes supposed to take this preasure on thi small jumps??? THANKS!!!
  11. LOCO

    KTM 520 exc Wont Start!

    Predator... Just had the same problem this weekend every single thing happened to me on my last ride, would not start, battery would come down and also nothig with the kick!!! Had to live the bike in someones ranch and went to pick it up today after a 100 mile ride... Mine its a 525 EXC (2003). I have a clean spark, is passing gas just fine, could you help me out with this one please, since im from Sonora, Mexico. And the nearest dealer is at 300 miles, my mechanic cant seem to find anything wrong he says... THANKS...
  12. Im just about to buy a 2003. 525 EXC. But the guy selling me the bike does not have the Owners Manual. Can someone tell me of a place in the net(web). That I can download it and if its for free that would be much better... Thank You...
  13. LOCO

    2006 Wr450f Financed $$$

    Since im from from Mexico and im bringing the bike here, I think they wont charge me any interest or taxes...
  14. LOCO

    2006 Wr450f Financed $$$

    Guys thank you for all of your comments and suggestions, and of course I will run away from this deal, best thing to do is that im going to wait for December and pay for it full ca$h this way is going to save me lots of buck$ for all the extras and lots of time for the payments. Once again you were very helpful to me.
  15. Well guys i have been trying to get for a long time the 2006 WR450F I got a dealer in Arizona and so they told me the price for the bike was 6,300 but i got it financed and they are asking me for a downpayment of $1,300 and 60 months of $134 at the end of five years im going to be paying around $9,340 how do you see this deal is it a rip off, is it ok or they are seeing me a stupid face, could you please give me a hand with this, thank you...