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  1. kgmkgm

    The KTM 200 Club

    Are there any LED options for wiring up my 40watt 2007 200 XC-W? I don't need huge light, but it would be nice to have, and it increases the resale a little bit.
  2. kgmkgm

    AMA CBD Statement

    Yep, pretty interesting! I've read this is why they've seen CBD have positive effects on chemo? It prevents some cell death for regular stuff but also slows down processing of the chemo to a degree that improves its efficacy. Crazy if true.
  3. kgmkgm

    AMA CBD Statement

    I'd look less at "PC" and "micro offend" and say someone big who sponsors them doesn't want CBD sponsors. Lots of the PC snowflake crowd smoke tons of weed
  4. kgmkgm

    AMA CBD Statement

    god these companies are all morons. i'll be burning a fat ass homegrown joint while watching tonight. &%$#@! yall hahahahah ­čśé. if anyone comes to try to take it I got a glock with yr name on it, JAHURRRRRRRRDDDD
  5. Check to make sure the power valve won't contact the piston or go into the cylinder in general too. The linkage wears. I ground mine down to clear.
  6. kgmkgm

    Power valve linkage on 98 rm125

    Absolutely effects performance, as well as you'll have a dancing piece of metal in your clutch area which will quickly explode I would imagine. You don't need to split the cases, just pop the clutch cover off. I had to do a new gasket for mine unfortunately since I replaced the kickstart spring.
  7. kgmkgm

    Spring/valving question

    Yeah my 200 XCw has like 4.0 springs in it, and it seems dodgy even at 150 pounds.
  8. kgmkgm

    Power valve linkage on 98 rm125

    If you take the side clutch case off you can access it, I'm pretty sure. Just OH'd a 96 RM125 Clean your bike before working on it, and put a GD towel in your crank case! ha ha ha
  9. kgmkgm

    The KTM 200 Club

    I always drain my carb before putting the bike out but it will usually still start a few days later if I do forget. Maybe your float is a little too high?
  10. kgmkgm

    The KTM 200 Club

    You mean after its been sitting with old fuel in the carb? Or regular riding
  11. kgmkgm

    The KTM 200 Club

    Thanks! Remembered my fork seal is leaking, so tore it apart. Shims coming from Slavens & SDI so I can patch them both back together. Revalve BV & MV, hope it works. Borrowed some ideas from trail tricks stacks on ktmtalk, and what I already thought would work. Delta shims were already bent after 140 hours so doing a few bushings, some seals, some shim replacement & shuffle.
  12. kgmkgm

    2007 KTM 200 XC-W O/C Fork revalve

    I was thinking of *decreasing* the float to make the MV engage "sooner" but with a smaller overall damping set on the MV. Maybe I'll leave that for now and see the rest.
  13. Found these to be too soft on small stuff, and super harsh and / or bottoming on bigger hits, and a stiff middle hit (downhill moderate speed roots, etc) Essentialy, too plush on tiny chatter, too stiff on mid/high speeds Was thinking of softening the mid valve by 1 face shim, but also tighten up the float by a touch (I haven't measured it yet, but whatever is smallest change), and move 1 24 x .1 from the HS back stack on the BV to the LS face shims, so that it stands up higher initially, but mid stroke damping kicks in faster, but isn't as harsh. FYI this is stock; checked on KTM's legacy info: They went to a straight tapered stack for the base valve a couple years later after changing to the 20mm, would that translate over? I could build a tapered stack based off the original base valve, but not sure what they were really doing with the BV stack here, attempting a "HS" two stage? I'm wondering if I'm hitting high speeds that the MV is blowing thru, or if Its engaging and that's what I feel. Redo BV first, and test? EDIT: WOW it did not copy and paste right. BASE VALVE NUT# 6mm ID 18 x .25 x 1 6mm ID 8 x .3 x 1 6mm ID 14 x .1 x 1 6mm ID 16 x .1 x 1 6mm ID 18 x .1 x 1 6mm ID 20 x .1 x 1 6mm ID 22 x .1 x 2 6mm ID 24 x .1 x 6 (move one of these AA) 6mm ID 14 x .1 x 1 6mm ID 24 x .1 x 2 (AA to here, to stiffen up LS) PISTONCOMP^ REB V 8mm ID 24 x .4 x 1 MID VALVE NUT 6mm ID16 x .25 x 1 6mm ID8 x .1 x 2 6mm ID18 x .1 x 1 6mm ID20 x .1 x 1 6mm ID12 x .1 x 1 DELTA22 x .1 4 PISTON REB^ COMP V 8mm ID 24 x .1 x 4 (remove one of these for softer mid valving) 8mm ID 22 x .1 x 1 8mm ID 20 x .1 x 1 8mm ID 18 x .1 x 1 (but stack something back so that it engages sooner) Any thoughts? I'm 150 pounds, don't like how the forks dive into their travel or clank against larger trail chatter. Almost went over the bars on a weird blow thru / hydro lock situation last summer. If anyone want to feed this into Restackor for me, I don't have $80 for it.
  14. kgmkgm

    The KTM 200 Club

    I really would like to just get replacement steel plates and then run OEM friction plates but it seems hard to find. Edit: I can get Hinson plates & frictions through my distro, they seem to be steel. Probably the best bet
  15. kgmkgm

    The KTM 200 Club

    Yeah I think the fibers are good, its lasted this long, but I would like to ditch the aluminum plates just cause the oil looks so ugly