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  1. 99raptor


    I've used several after market clutches,,,none seem to be equal to the OEM
  2. 99raptor

    Knee Replacement Rehab/PT?

    I'm about your age and in the same boat [looking at a knee replacement],,,,I was wondering will the leg be strong enough to kick a yz,cr,kx or rm type dirtbike after the surgery??
  3. 99raptor

    Bulging disc

    Thank you
  4. 99raptor

    Bulging disc

    Just came got the word ,,I have a bulging disc in my back.Any ideas for therapy??
  5. 99raptor

    Lowering link

    Thank you
  6. 99raptor

    Lowering link

    I've been having a difficult time locating a lowering link for a 2004 yz450f.Any idea who makes one??Thanx
  7. 99raptor

    Knee Replacement

  8. 99raptor

    Knee Replacement

    I'm an older rider who is considering a knee replacement.Will I be able to kick my bike to start it,or should I start shopping for an E-start bike????
  9. 99raptor

    Total knee replacement

    Are you able to kick start the bike on your own????
  10. Nothing has been faster than the kx500
  11. 99raptor

    Stewart to stay on YZ450F for 2012

    Now all Stewart has to do ,to prove me wrong and youse right,is actually get off the couch and race .Oh yea and now the hard part---Win.Aint gonna happen and your as big a fool as him if you still believe in him.
  12. 99raptor

    Stewart to stay on YZ450F for 2012

    He's a clown,I'm tired of him embarassing Yamaha.Was a great rider, now a fool.
  13. 99raptor

    YZ--off road set-up

    Setting up a bike for desert racing.Been talking to some folks who claim the best set-up is a heavier spring than recommended by Race Tech but a more compliant valving.This supposedly gives a more plush ride,,,any thoughts on this before i spend 250$ on springs??Thanx
  14. 99raptor

    Sag wont adjust

    I've loosened the retaining collars on my sons '03yz250 and attempted to adjust the sag.The spring is acting to short.We can only attain 3 1/4 of sag.When we loosen more the spring flops around in the shock.I dont know if this is the original spring.
  15. 99raptor

    Tarantula 100, 2/20/11

    Yes it was seriously whooped,my son in law did 2 laps[27 mi laps],my son did 3 in Ammy,,,experts do 4 laps---a real test of a mans mettle.