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  1. GVDRZ400SM

    Supermoto suspension ?

    Hey guys how would you reccommend I set my suspension up for road riding on Supermoto Wheels ? I made the front forks a little tighter in the compression and rebound . Same with rear . Is there any setting someone could recommend ?
  2. GVDRZ400SM

    2014 wr450 not starting?

    Gotcha man I’ll do that . Thank you !
  3. GVDRZ400SM

    2014 wr450 not starting?

    So I checked my valves ... they are in spec . A little on the tight side but nothing that shouldn’t make it start . I was messing around with things and I unplugged my kill switch . Kicked it , Bang fired up. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence, but I plugged it back in and it started twice , third time backfired so I just unplugged it and going to wait for Saturday to ride , and see how she does ! If so I’ll order a new kill switch.
  4. GVDRZ400SM

    2014 wr450 not starting?

    Is there a starting point that I can put my idle /choke screw to ? My buddy was messing with it turning it left and right . Maybe that did something with the idle air and that’s why it’s not starting ? Is there a position I could put it back to ? As a start point
  5. GVDRZ400SM

    2014 wr450 not starting?

    It’s started first or 2nd kick the whole time I’ve owned it . out of nowhere, it wouldn’t start. And I literally just replaced a dead battery . I’ve been kicking it to ride and it’s worked fine ..that’s why I’m kinda stumped
  6. GVDRZ400SM

    2014 wr450 not starting?

    What’s up Guys . I have a 2014 wr450f that I had bought from someone a couple months ago . It came with a dead battery and I’ve been kicking to start it . Well I bought a battery for it, charged it . And it started it a few times but now the bike won’t start at all. Kick or electric start. So I pulled the plug and it was kicked and soaked . Got a new plug today , bike still isn’t starting . Kicked it repeatedly , with no start. It’s getting spark, I’m pretty sure it’s getting fuel cause it reaks of fuel . The bike has a fmf pipe and gytr ecu . Any ideas ?
  7. GVDRZ400SM

    Oil change question ?!

    Yes I know both drain holes . And I’m not seeing oil in the filler hole , but the hole where the DIPSTICK goes in . I changed my oil , let the bike idle for 2-3 minutes . Shut it off . Waited a mintute or two. Checked the oil and it was high on the stick . When I went to place it back into the case I noticed oil was almostbto the top of the hole . Now is this just because I didn’t let it cool down enough ? Cause I thought I messed up to I drained it and put a fresh quart in . But only a little over a quart came out. So it wasn’t over full...
  8. GVDRZ400SM

    Oil change question ?!

    So I know the proper way to change my oil . I did a oil change today and added 1 us qt. Started the bike warmed it up , Let it sit for a few minutes . Check it , oil is super high on the dipstick . And as I look , the oil looks like it’s about to over flow from the whole where the dip stick goes into ?!! Is it over full or did I not let it sit long enough after I started it ?? I just did this oil change properly , and I also drained it out and only about a quart came out . So I refilled it again with new oil . I’ve been getting oil in my airbox that’s why I’m so anal about this .
  9. GVDRZ400SM

    Best oversized tank for a 14 WR450F

    You have a picture of it on the bike ?
  10. Anything you guys reccomend ? I also don’t want it to look too funky.. I’m riding mine on the street and I’m only getting like 45-50 miles until my light comes on
  11. GVDRZ400SM

    14 WR450F oil in airbox

    I just changed the oil and did my first ride on it this weekend . It ran fine . I checked the valves and plug before ride . It’s healthy I’m pretty sure it’s a tad bit over full, or the lines need to be rerouted a different Way No one else has had this problem ?
  12. GVDRZ400SM

    14 WR450F oil in airbox

    Honestly I don’t know . It’s a 2014 wr450f. Very clean . Starts first kick doesent smoke one bit. So I think it’s pretty healthy .
  13. GVDRZ400SM

    14 WR450F oil in airbox

    Alright I’ll wait for next oil change then and see if i get oil in the airbox . And I actually adjusted the cable with the 2 nuts , and then fine adjusted with the quick adjust on the perch . Feels a lot better. I just ordered a RSC for it also
  14. GVDRZ400SM

    Where to find a OEM seat 14 WR450F

  15. GVDRZ400SM

    14 WR450F oil in airbox

    What’s up guys , im getting oil in my airbox.. I’m assuming blow by . Is there a fix for this ? Re routeing of the lines ? And also my clutch lever feels really sloppy . The cable I think might be streatched s little . Would a new cable give me that nice feel back ?