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  1. check out gearing commander. awesome tool to get things like chain length sorted. http://www.gearingcommander.com
  2. you should check them (KTMs) out though - i was quite suprised when i sat on a 400exc because it felt exactly the same height as the crf250l regarding reaching the ground with my feet. reason for that is the slimmer seat. on the ktm freeride 350 i could reach the ground with both feet
  3. rfx also started making folding brake pedals for the crf250l. i have one, its quite a good fit - didn't drop her yet, so can't say anything how well it holds up. their shift levers tend to give up pretty easy, so we'll see. its lighter than stock though.
  4. ah good to know with the crf150 lcg. might switch if my construction fails. yeah, its a 48t supersprox rear sprocket for a xr650l - fits like a glove and i love the looks. its heavier than the PBI aluminium sprocket though. 13/48 feels damn good to ride if you don't mind taking it easy on the slab
  5. i'm most certain that if its the original front sprocket, the "thicker" side, the one with the "black ring" for noise reduction, has to face the engine - not outside.
  6. are you talking about a PBI 42t sprocket from crfsonly? because if so, those get eaten pretty especially for dualsport purpose... i think i got ~18kkm out of one until it was time to replace it.
  7. - new fork oil, from 7.5W Hyperpro to Liqui Moly 5W light. unfortunately there are no sources for cst-value of the hyperpro. the 5w actually works as i'd wanted it too. fork is way more responsive, faster rebound and softer compression. also the fork oil that was in there for about 2 months and 15kkm looked really nasty. should do that more often. oil level damperside 90 mm, spring side 170mm - 48t supersprox rear sprocket... curious how the 13/48 will work offroad - relocater bracket for lower chain guard - new chain, glad i went with the gold one allthough more $$$ as the standard one now if our retarded customs office could do their work a little faster (1 week no response), i'd get my trailtech vapor and could actually install it . oh well...
  8. i'm gonna do this mod in the next couple days. just have to find someone with the right tools to drill a straight hole through the cap and put a thread into it. not gonna go with the bleeder valves though - a simple screw on top should suffice.
  9. muffler repacking - was definitely needed after ~17tkm on this thing. a little bit quiter and a lot more deeper sound now, i like it
  10. ahhh ok, good to now. thanks for the info. how do you like the new gearing setup (13/48)?
  11. what? i just ordered a XR650L 48t sprocket from supersprox. i thought i read something that the XR650L has the same sprocket as the CRF250L.
  12. no way you are making real 130km/h with 13/42 unless its a descend with backwind. 120km/h is more or less WFO and i don't recommend doing that constantly for 1 hour on a little thumper.
  13. if the helmet moves, its the wrong fit - i still think the only save solution is to try and get a replacement helmet that fits your melon. maybe size was the wrong word i used. also keep in mind that some manufacturers will never fit your head. personally i can't wear any schuberth helmet - just doesn't fit at all. shoei is ok, but usually not a great fit. hjc make the best helmets for my head - they fit like a glove and thats how its supposed to be.
  14. if it move, especially at speeds a crf250l can ride, its the wrong size or shape. a helmet should not move at all on your head, thats why you try a helmet in the shop and let somebody else wiggle it around to see if it fits correctly. keep in mind that helmets tend to get wider with time - so if it already moves now it won't get any better... try to return it and get a correct fitting one.
  15. it was just a 90x60cm universal seat cover. went online and checked out this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beP4J4zwSJo allthough the guy in the video had a premade seat cover, but the basic principles work for a universal cover too. then take your time, a quality stapler and give it a go. nothing more needed. haven't done this job before, worked out quite well - 10/10, would do again. the hjc rpha 10 is awesome. best bang for your buck helmet if you ask me - nice choice
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