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  1. This 2005 Kodiak 400 started having issues last year. Would all of a sudden either die and make no sound at all when you tired to start it or make a buzzing under the seat by battery when trying to fire it up with starter switch. After a bunch of posts last year it was suggested Starter Relay possibly bad. Sure enough it had blown a fuse. Replaced fuse and it worked fine but then later started not firing up again - buzzing again under seat when starter button pressed (see video below for the sound). So I replaced starter relay and it was great for several months. Just last week it started not firing up again. Same symptoms - the buzzing sound again under seat where the starter relay is. Bad relay again? Or can something else be causing the relay to fail? Or is it relay at all this time? Can other starter issues cause this sound? http://www.screencast.com/t/UTxqmv8CD Any thoughts to get me pointed in the right direction? Many thanks for any and all advice!
  2. Ack, no! Never would have thought to. How do you clean out the inside of a fuel tank?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Its wierd though because I never knew this and have always left gas in the carb, no issues. New KTM and twice clogged with gunk in a 3 month period.
  4. Meant bad "GAS" in title, not "case". 2009 250 XCFW KTM, low miles. This is the second time Ive encountered starting/running issues that turned out related to spooj in carb. Firsy time wouldnt run unless choke on. Cleaned card and found clogged idel jet. This time, after it sat foir about a month it would crank but not fire (had spark). Take apart carb and fine this pearl colored coagulated spooj in the carb with 2 jets clogged from it. See pictures below. This was high octane 93 gas, only a month old WITH fuel stabilizer in it. This is similar to the way the first jet issue was clogged, just a lot worse. I get it that gas can go bad but this fast and this much, twice? I know the KTM manual says to drain bowl if going to let it sit more than a week (seems excessive). Something with this carb? Im perplexed and really dont want to have to keep doing this, or will have to just drain carb all the time in between rides. Any thoughts? Still wet with gas: After its dried out:
  5. So let me share with you. Some will sympathize, maybe even empathize. 2010 KTM wouldnt run unless choke on. Took carb apart and sure enough idle jet clogged, so I replaced it. She starts and runs great now (pat self on back). Today Im cleaning my work bench and I look down and what do I see - a started jet!!! After starign at it for at least a minute trying to process what I am seeing I finally push the denial aside and realize I may have left the starter jet out Not the worst thing but the carb is a pain in the arse to get off the bike. But the bike is runnign great. Would it do harm to leave it out? Too OCD to actually do so I think but Im wondering.
  6. Hey throttlejockey. Remember you helping lot in my crf 250/450 day a couple years ago The tool slides down and into chamber fine t just doesn't sem to slip over the plugs collar. Must just be machined off by by a micron but just just fit. That one narrow chamber hoping I find a replacement without having to buy a motion pro fancy one.
  7. Is it just me or known issue. On my 2009 xcfw it came with this spark plug removal socket/ tool they gave me with it doesn't fit/work?! It slides down into the chamber well but won't actually fit over the plug to remove. Now I'm not an ace mechanic but know how to remove a plug Is this cheapo tool known to not fit. My other plug wrenches don't fit in there so it would be nice if the stock OEM tool fit. Sheesh.
  8. a_gunslinger

    Battery issue? spent newer battery?

    Thanks for the reply. Checked the volts and its was like 2. Suprised 7 months of sitting could have that dramatic of an effect.
  9. I use a deltran charger on all my bikes. Pretty sure my ktm battery was dead because electric start doing nothing. Hooked up the deltran trickle charger to the battery and it just keeps flashing red meaning "Battery not connected properly" according to the legend on charger. Everything hooked up fine although on these electric starts no real negative cable. But even pulling battery out and hooking charger to it still indicating same issue. Suspected charger but responds fine to my other dirt and street bikes. Granted this battery hasn't been run this year (long story) but its an almost new ktm 250 - just a 2009. But even if battery was totally drained or even truky done it should still respond to a charger wouldn't it? Kinda perplexed.
  10. One day the quad just dies. No crank, no power, no lights, nothing. Pull starter relay fuse and its blown. Put in backup fuse and it fires right up. Next day quad dies again. No cranks, no power, no lights, nothing. Pull starter realy fuse again but this time it is NOT blown. However, taking it out then putting back in fixes issue. Quad fires back up. Starter relay or the something else? Best guesses?
  11. Kodial 400 completely dies in heat today. No power no nothing. The starter relay fuse had blown. Is this fuse going random chance, something that can be affected by heat, or indicative of soemthing else going bad? Thanks
  12. a_gunslinger

    Dumb question: Quad battery, terminal nuts?!?!

    Nopre, Home Depot, Lowes and Auto Zone had nothing. However your search helped. I chaged the search term to "rectangular nut" and found some, although suprisingly few places actually carry these: http://www.bikebandit.com/bikemaster-trugel-battery-bolts-6x12mm-bolt-rectangle-nut?WT.mc_id=1484958&CAWELAID=806410380 Thanks!
  13. So the crazy brother in law lost both of the little rectangular nuts that receive the machine screw that holds the battery termals on. You've seen them, they are small rectangular nuts that slide under the terminal and you have to try and keep it in place and aligned while screwing in the terminal screw. Usually ends up in cursing and repeated tries Well, because its so difficult my brother in law seesm to have lost both and I cant find where to buy these anywhere. Surely I dont have to buy a new battery just to get these? I tried some regular hexagonal nuts and grinded them down to fit - but do get them to slide in you have to gring into the screw hole too much to work. Site online Im msiing? Smallbatteryterminalnutz.com?
  14. Recently whenever putting our 2006 (?) Kodiak in Forward or Reverse it grinds. Sounds like the gears grinding together. Really loud and doesnt sound good and it wont go into gear. Just sounding like it/they were maybe spinning too fast to mesh well. So I did lower the idle and it often allows it to go into gear - but at the expense of being such a low idle its hard to keep running at idle. Whats the idle > tranny relationship? Any idea where I should look first? Many thnaks!
  15. So my weight when geared up ir right at the transition zone for my 2009 250 XCF-W spring. Loaded down Im right at 185 pounds. My stock spring rated for 165-187#. Would moving to next spring up result in a stiffer ride per se?