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  1. tapaul

    MotoDynasty... Outdoor Nationals 2018!

    If there was a redplate I should of had it for supercross....I won last year......only 5th this year...but points are up on motodynasty finally and I'm bringing it for outdoors....lol
  2. tapaul

    2017 Monster energy CUP

    Mobdro app....scary to install but been using it for several months with no problems....has most channels and live streams for free
  3. tapaul

    Looking for riding buddies in Orlando Fl

    Sorry not on tt as much these days....trying to get some projects done......wiregrass is whooped out and mostly sand but truck trails all around wiregrass are flat..... centennial has too many blind corners not safe.....we like to move 3rd gear or so and not worry about head on collisions
  4. tapaul

    Looking for riding buddies in Orlando Fl

    Planning on riding wiregrass trail Saturday the 17th.....around noon till dark.....
  5. Operations manager at medical supply company
  6. tapaul

    Indianapolis Predictions

    dungey tomac anderson....dungey is the most inteligent racer we have ever seen...he can win whenever he wants to push hard enough....if points tighten up or team feels like not enough cusion you will see....no reason to push he is not going to
  7. tapaul

    2017 MotoDynasty

    I have got to start keeping motodynasty and rmfantasy the same picks. I dont think its possible to cheat but my riding buddy was at dungeys house yesterday. Work related only and ryan was not there just lindsey. My buddy was blown away he was in dungeys house and talking to his wife.
  8. tapaul

    2017 MotoDynasty

    I wish I would have picked the same for rmfantasy but I didn't...and I'm not very good at 250's....those guys are all over the place
  9. tapaul

    2017 MotoDynasty

    I got real lucky...7 correct and 2 zeros...Its the highest score I have ever gotten..Listen to podcasts and watch practice
  10. tapaul

    MX MotoDynasty

    I would like to get in on this .Just saw thread a few weeks ago. I am tapaul112 on motodynasty. I'm at 3098..... 1748 450's and 1350 250's
  11. tapaul

    Central Florida Dual Sport

    There are several truck paths around wiregrass trail in ocala. Wiregrass trail is probably to tore up depending on skill level but lots of flat but sandy truck paths all around it. The power lines are wright beside trail and offer lots of truck/jeep trails. There is also big scrub not to far from wiregrass, as long as your tagged you can ride pretty much anywhere in ocala. I'm tagged but do not ride on street only offroad.
  12. tapaul

    Roczen > Dungey?

    Chad reed net worth 60 mil., rc 25 mil., js7 18 mil. google it
  13. tapaul

    Orlando FL, Can Someone Walk Me Through Getting a Title: KX250

    What do you need title for? You do not need title for any where except on the street. I have one bike tagged and one not. Tagged is just for not having to pay in ocala and being able to ride anywhere in ocala national forest. Not just on specific dirtbike only trails. But to be honest my buddy has no tag and we ride all over with out any problems. Evan past a few forest rangers. Crooms doesnt care either just pay them their money.
  14. tapaul

    Ocala National Forest Riding Buddies Wanted! (Central Florida)

    We will be riding wiregrass trail this saturday around noon till dark.
  15. tapaul

    Where to ride in Clermont Florida area.

    Crooms is great but nothing above 3rd gear...and they close at 5 pm now instead of dark like they use to be....heading to wiregrass in ocala next saturday the 16th...Should be there around noon till dark