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  1. Hey all, I went for a ride with buddies on my first single track in the woods without barkbusters. That was sunday. On Monday I ordered me a set of moose wrap around hand guards. Not only was I faster through the trees I had 2 instances where my bars tagged some tree trunks. I went to work Monday with full use of my hands. I know the guards work by first hand experience and recomend them to all who plan riding tight single track. The wrap around guards work!
  2. KodraRacing

    SEASON OPENER: Prepping Your Bike for the Highest Performance

    This is a bit late of a reply but I have run into that very thing a fair bit. The best way to over come it is to do a leakdown test. With 0% leak down at 100psi you know it is a definite pass.
  3. KodraRacing

    Supercross 2015 Live Stream?

    Thanks mick78, I will give that a go. I way prefer to watch live cause I, like many, believe I can send my favorite racer good vibes so he kicks ass on the track.
  4. KodraRacing

    Supercross 2015 Live Stream?

    Hey all, I have tried everything short of paying $50 for something I dont know will work. Up here in Canada it seems like there is almost no way to live stream fox sports 1. Any one know of something that works in canada?
  5. KodraRacing

    Supercross 2015 Live Stream?

    Does anyone know of a good site (free or not) to live stream the 2015 AMA Supercross races?
  6. KodraRacing

    Clamp Bushings?

    Hahaha, thats awesome. A lot of bikes, mostly Japanese, require the front two handle bar clamp bolts torqued down first and then the rear handle bar bolts. the front of the clamps will touch and there will be a space on the rearward side. I hope this helps your clamping issue, I can't help with the other one lol.
  7. KodraRacing

    SUV to fit a dirt bike in?

    My buddy use to take his KX 250 to the trails in the trunk of his 89' mustang 5.0. He also brought a lot of tools, hehehe. Just proves that if you really want to ride, you will.