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    Shane Watts Dirtwise Hardcore Albany, OR

    I watched the first instructional video 'the guy' recorded before heading to the Albany school. I figured it was going to be rough as the guy on camera wasn't feeling good in his own skin.At the school, totally different guy. Superb teacher and coach. Very much in his element while instructing a class, and while he's a quiet guy (to generalize), he certainly had plenty to say. Shane rode 61 miles with me and some guys in the Burn this past May. Probably didn't say 61 words! I had more miles charted out for us but we decided to call it quits when 177E ran out of gas at 50 miles. Still made it to 61 by the time we reached the trucks. Go to his school if you can make it happen. Worth every penny.
  2. FlEYEingDubyah

    Tubliss experiences in the NW

    Man, there is so much experience in this forum. Here's more of mine: I plugged an X-11 last winter with success. I also have plugged 1-inch slashes as well as an L-shaped tear on a front tire (where I get most of my holes). That tire is currently on my bike and has been since early October. In fact, I raced the 24Hr with that tire and I expect I will run it until the knobs are used up. Plug just sits there looking like a brown wart. I have not plugged holes from nails, barbed wire, or thorns. The Slime has taken care of them. 27 Saguaro thorns is not something I've messed around with but it sounds like they are more serious than anything we ram our tires into in Oregon. The X-11 I plugged ran well for an entire season and had about 1K miles on it as of July this year when an entire row of center knobs tore open along the rear edge of the knob bases. Every knob around the entire circumference of the tire was cracked around the base from riding abuse dating back to February of 2006. I tried to plug the three knob-wide split using 5 plugs. The tire would hold air if the bike was sitting but would spew the plugs after a mile or so of travel. I rode about 12 miles back to the truck on the tire. I didn't need a spare tube, as some people suggest, in order to ride. The tire did not even spin on the rim. I do not fear puncturing the high pressure tube. If I do puncture it, I expect the force required will destroy the rim and then, I might not remember what day it is or who shot JFK, so riding will probably not be an option at that point anyway. I like that we all can run what we are comfortable with. You can tell I am comfortable with TUBliss (which is well-represented in the WEC, btw), but notice how I don't bag on tubes...I have direct experience with both ways to keep tires inflated WRT this thread. The naysayers who do not have experience with both certainly have a dark perspective of the other side. Too bad. NWetRider, I hope you get the answers you are looking for. I have given you my direct experience - riding a lot, in all seasons, in all terrains, in OR and WA, using TUBliss. There are plenty of users in this forum that can tell you if I am not representing my experience accurately.
  3. FlEYEingDubyah

    Tubliss experiences in the NW

    Thank you for the props Jimmie. Trackmaster, the race situation is exactly what pushed me to try TUbliss. :worthy:Jeff shipped me extra high pressure tubes when I made my purchase but I wonder if I'll ever need them as I am on the same set of high pressure tubes from day 1. I hardly ever check them (not a lot I am lazy about when it comes to mechanic-ing my bike, except there). Pressure loss is negligible. I generally check my carcass pressure in the garage before leaving for a ride, but not always. Happy trails guys.
  4. FlEYEingDubyah

    Tubliss experiences in the NW

    I run TUBLiss front and rear. Going on 4 years now. Have 3 friends convinced and switched. I race off-road and trail ride. A flat in a race can be a deal breaker running tubes. Using TUBLiss, you can repair a puncture way faster and you can, if you need to, still run on the flat because of the 360 degree rim lock. WRT riding on a flat: Tubes are no match for TUBLiss. I use both knobbies and Michellin tube-type and tubeless X-11s. I prefer the Tubeless X-11 to the tube type. A knobby at 4psi does great when you need traction but as with any system, when you run super low pressure you can't rail the rocks without risking the welfare of your rims. I'm not going back to tubes. I wouldn't expect you to either.
  5. FlEYEingDubyah

    How much did you pay for what suspension work?

    Suspension By Design: Re-valved front and rear, installed shock bladder - $320 Pro Motion Suspension: shock service (6 of them) - $80 each time (he installed a bladder on one of them). Me: Re-valved forks with Race Tech Gold valves and shims, replaced springs and seals - $140 (yes that is correct). David (PMS) is where I go to get work done I can't\won't do. I usually purchase parts and fluids and bring them with my suspension for David to install. I think he allows me to supply my own parts as a favor (one benefit of building relationships with individuals). David has brought his trailer to the Annual RUTS Wrench Day for the last 3 years and proceeded to mesmerize our folks as they watched him work. You've seen those riders who are so smooth on their bikes? - That's David around suspension work. I should also say that the first year David came to Wrench Day, it was to demonstrate the DIY fork service. Nobody manned up, so he just started doing everybody's himself. True statement about the man right there. That's when he earned his logo on my bike for the rest of my riding days. His prices are on his website.
  6. FlEYEingDubyah

    24 Hour race reports, pics and everything else

    Right at 1:49 my daughter starts to slip by you on your left and then someone smacked her down (you get to see the auger). I'm not a violent man, okay maybe somewhat violent, but she says someone pushed her from behind. I'd be interested in seeing video from another perspective so I can have an adjustment to my perspective too. She was all the way to the left and she is a 10th grade girl. I'd like to know that the person that helped her up was the same that knocked her down. That would make me happy. BTW Don, she tried to get by you again at the fence but you held your line and she had to drop in behind you or take a mud bath.
  7. FlEYEingDubyah

    Winter riding reminder...

    Red_Tx and EYE rode last night in fresh Coast Range snow. Most trails were ~3" of the white stuff and it was great. Oh yeah, the reason for the post... we were sporting TT MR16's on the melons. Awesome lights. Just remember something, don't plan your ride to end just inside your expected battery life. You may have something happen on the trail that holds you up for some reason. Not reaching the staging area and having no lights is like...well like sitting on the 24hr course at 2AM waiting for Kevin (Rhino) to come along and save your bacon...
  8. FlEYEingDubyah

    Almost 25hrs of Starvation Ridge--Photo/Video Thread

    Kevin!! It was me at mile 24! I had already done about a mile of braille-cross and mud smack-downs by the time you found me wallowing in mud pity. You are my hero :worthy:and I am so ! First: I was sincere when I thanked you, and kidding when I said my wife had a fresh battery for me (I'm a widower...or a dead man, depends how she reacts to this post:lol:). Second: I don't know what is harder to believe: That I didn't stop and thank you at the chute, or that you didn't kick me and my bike over when you passed my pit. :bonk:You should have done the kicking. While it's not an excuse, I gotta say that my head wasn't clear. It didn't dawn on me until, well...dawn actually. And that was when I was going back out for my third go around. What about the rock pile I center-punched going up the Pumpkin Patch hill blind?! And then there were the two rounds I had with the barbed wire fence in the rear wheel. I'll make it up to you and then some. If you want to wait until next year, how about free passes to our food court? If that's not good enough, I can run you around the TSF this summer any day, or night (who better to go on a night ride with than RhinofromWA?) Kent the Lame-O who didn't Thank The Great Samaritan! Ask Jake or Kelly, they will confirm I am a
  9. FlEYEingDubyah

    62.5 miles of killer trail...

    Hi Russ:cheers: Depending on what you were referring to, I might not agree either I do think respect and reputation matter. I do think exposure increases risk. I do agree that the TSF is public land. I don't threaten harm to anyone who wishes to ride there. I can only ride occasionally too. I wouldn't expect you to consider me a snob since you personally know at least one guy on a 200EXC that I toured around that over-rated, tore-up, gravel pit of a meth-lab graveyard on the first occasion that we met.
  10. FlEYEingDubyah

    62.5 miles of killer trail...

    That's just it though isn't it? Once it's messed up for everyone, it's too late. Therefore, working your way into an inner circle, so to speak, keeps the area in better condition for a longer period of time, for the more responsible people (determined through personal contact most of the time). It's the only way that truly works for our society. Respect and reputation seems to be what makes things happen and opens doors. I'll bite. I do at least one man's share of taking care of the riding area with the unmentionable name. I have also groomed some guys to be that way too. I plan to be out, riding with a chain saw on my back, in the next few weeks. Shoot me your contact info and I'll get ahold of you when I am going out to work...I know a couple specific trails that were covered by loggers in July that need to be re-born. My name is Kent.
  11. FlEYEingDubyah

    62.5 miles of killer trail...

    Wade_uh_men_it....I'm 28! Someone hacked my profile...prolly rides a hooskee. I'd be keeping a close EYE on that "Later, Meteer" dood, he's like 28 and as fast with his lens as he iz on a Cowee.
  12. FlEYEingDubyah

    62.5 miles of killer trail...

    No, it was me and I want all those peeps begging for directions to know there is no way you can run the loop Kelly ran without either knowing the area already or having a guide that knows the area. If you try to do what works in the desert (just go a find the trails), you will most certainly get lost. For those of you that don't heed the advice of regulars, at least park at Jordan or Keenig Creek and head south. It's easier for search and rescue to find you because your bodies will be much closer to the highway. (I should add that I mean after you get lost and wander around for 40 years, not that someone is going to hurt you - sorry if I gave the wrong impression!)
  13. FlEYEingDubyah

    R.I.P Kevin Parks

    I was at the race. I had the privilege of delivering the prayer at the end of the Rider’s Meeting. I believe in God – His presence, His ability, His justice, His mercy, and His love for us. It does seem a little selfish of us to intentional put ourselves in harm’s way by pushing natural laws to the limits and then saying, “Oh yeah, and God, keep me from injury.” Yet, at any race when I am using a microphone to make a public request, I am always sincere when I ask for exactly that. We’d laugh at ourselves if we looked at it like this: You are the parent of a 2 year-old. You’re in the shallow end of the pool at the state university. You’re in a conversation with someone on the deck when the moment before you hear a splash at the deep end, you hear your child scream to you, “Catch me dad!” We would laugh at the naïve trust of that infant to expect us to always be there for the little darling no matter how potentially destructive the child’s decision could be. It’s humorous afterward when all turns out well. Just like some of the crashes we’ve had. I was the 6th rider on our team. By the time I started my race, Kevin had finished his. I only know Kevin through his impressive accomplishments. I am very proud of him for what he could do while ‘jumping into the deep end’. I only heard of the incident when I got to the pits. The news hit me very hard. I still made my way down to the Webb PS pit hoping to reach out to the team and offer something, especially prayer, without unraveling into a slobbery pile. It was understandable (and merciful) that the pit was empty. I want to echo what others have referenced about how short life is and where Kevin might be today. You only get just one time around. I really do hope that Kevin landed in the arms of The Savior when he made his last big jump. I know where I’m going to land when I take my last big jump. You can know too. <>< Sincerely, Kent Swick:ride:
  14. FlEYEingDubyah

    shock oil capacity

    Thanks Dingo, even though I didn't wait. I did it last night with the mindset: Process over capacity - and finished it up. I'll get them (I did two other shocks too) filled this week with N2 at a local shop. Happy New Year! FW
  15. FlEYEingDubyah

    shock oil capacity

    I need the oil volume for a KX65 shock. It's all drained out and ready to be refilled. Can't find an amount anywhere in the W3. Thanks, FW